Optimal Strategy for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels?

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Understanding the Basics of Upgrades: Heart Containers vs Stamina Vessels

During the game’s tutorial, once you solve the Shrines and grab four Lights of Blessing, they make you grab a Heart Container. The first one is a story requirement.

But here’s the catch: as you keep playing, you’ll face a tough call between Stamina Vessels and Heart Containers. To obtain either of these, you have to find a goddess statue and offer a prayer.

You will need four Lights of Blessing for just one Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Good news is, each Shrine you conquer gets you one Light of Blessing.

You could always power through all the Shrines first and get both, but that will be time-consuming. Plus, it’s easy to get sidetracked in this enigmatic world.

Veteran players of Breath of the Wild might already have a vague idea of how they want to progress their character, and you may have some too. 

However, it’s important to note that although the games may seem similar, they are quite distinct. So, which aspect should you prioritize initially?

Minor Spoilers Ahead

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The Core Mechanics of Lights of Blessing and Shrine Conquest in Tears of the Kingdom

Shrine Zelda totk

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom boasts 152 shrines which means you can get 152 Lights of Blessing. This allows players to gain 38 upgrades that can be divided between Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.

The max amount of Stamina wheels you can obtain is three, which requires a maximum of ten Stamina Vessels; each Stamina Vessel increases one-fifth of the Stamina Wheel.

Each Heart Container adds one Heart to Links Hearts, and the maximum number of Hearts you can acquire are thirty, and you will be able to get six Heart Containers from boss battles. That’s a lot of calculating right there, but it’s worth it. 

Increasing Link’s Survival with Heart Containers

Heart Containers have been a staple of the Zelda series; obtaining them allows players to increase Link’s maximum Hearts. Once you progress through the game, Hearts become vital since they make the difference between life and death.

Enemies become stronger with better weapons as you enter dangerous areas, so you are at the risk of getting One Hit Ko’d. During the tutorial section, you will start the game with three Hearts, which are later increased to four.

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Boosting Game Performance with Stamina Vessels in ‘Tears of the Kingdom’

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Stamina Vessels are upgrades to Link’s Stamina Wheel that increase its maximum capacity.

Since traversal is a key aspect of the game, having enough Stamina is essential for survival.

Plus, having more Stamina not only makes things more convenient but also provides players with more options in battles.

Taking Advantage of the Horned Statue: The Art of Switching Upgrades

Horned statue Zelda tears of the kingdom

There is a convenient method if you have obtained a Stamina Vessel but want to change it to a Heart Container or vice versa. The Horned Statue makes a comeback, and fans of the first game understand its intended use. You must unlock it first. Firstly, head to Lookout Landing, where you received the paraglider.

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You will need to complete a temple, allowing you to speak with Scorpis, who will unlock the emergency bunker.

Enter the bunker and move forward; you will come face to face with a wall. Break it and proceed further. This will activate the side quest called “A Deal With The Statue.

Talk to the Statue, and it will take a Heart or Stamina upgrade away from your max stat, talk to it again, and it will return the opposite and, from there on, will allow you to trade your Heart upgrades with Stamina and vice versa for twenty rupees peruse.

Choosing the Right Upgrade Path for Newbies: A Heart Container Focus

Heart Containers are an excellent choice for beginners; people who haven’t played Breath of the Wild or other RPGs should focus on increasing their Heart Containers early on since being able to survive a few hits goes a long way.

In the game, you can only open some doors by using a specific number of Hearts, which represent Link’s life force. These doors may lead to hidden treasures or reveal mysteries.

Exploring Depths: The Rewards and Risks for Heart Container Collectors

One of the best additions to the game is the Depths, an entire underground map of Hyrule. One of the most thrilling activities in the game is to venture into this area and discover its mysteries, treasures, missions, and mini-bosses.

However, beware of the Gloom and entities that seek to drain Link’s life force. If they succeed in binding you, your maximum Hearts will be reduced.

Why Stamina Vessels Might be the Best Choice for Veteran RPG Players

Stamina Vessels are an excellent choice for veteran RPG players and those who consider themselves experts in Breath of the Wild. Traversal is one of the most essential parts of the game.

Stamina can help you use the glider for longer distances, climb large walls, sprint for long distances, and stay in slow motion while shooting arrows. A large Stamina wheel allows the game to become far more convenient.

It is also mandatory to repair and retrieve the Master Sword, which is one of the main story quests.

Crafting Dishes to Boost Max Hearts or Stamina: A Balanced Approach for Beginners and Veterans

You could always create dishes to increase your max Hearts or Stamina, but this is better for Hearts since they are less likely to be lost.

In contrast, if you sprint or do any activity that requires Stamina, you might lose the extra Stamina if you’re not careful.

For beginners, we recommend gaining at least six Heart Containers and then dumping the rest of the Lights of Blessings in the Stamina Vessels.

This way, you won’t be one-shot killed by most enemies, and you will still be able to utilize the Stamina Wheel.

On the other hand, for veterans, we recommend focusing more on the Stamina Vessel since there are many ways to play this game that can allow players to survive with low max Hearts.

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