Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Desert Voe Armor Set

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Hyrule is a realm filled with mystery, intrigue, and secrets. To unveil and reach all of its treasures, you’ll need the right gear to navigate its diverse landscape. If you have entered the desert, the unbearable heat might get to you, and the best way to combat it is by getting the heat-resistant Desert Voe Armor. This complete set is optional, like most things the game offers, but getting it will be of great help. Plus, it also looks nice.

You might miss this armor set at first glance since it requires intricate steps to reach it, so here is the best way to obtain the Desert Voe Armor Set.

The Armor Set

Desert Voe Armor

The set consists of a headband, trousers, and a top, each boasting three defense and one heat resistance. Together, they provide excellent protection against the searing temperatures. Still, it doesn’t offer any additional buffs as it is. The set as a whole might be expensive to buy in one fell swoop, so you either have to save up for it or get ready to sell some gemstones.

The easiest way to get Rupees would be selling gems or Blurpees. Gemstones, such as rubies and sapphires, can be efficiently mined and sold for a reasonable price, especially those without particular use in weapon crafting. While monster parts may fetch a good price, I advise against selling them, as they prove indispensable for arrows and elixir creation. Still, I recommend buying the headband at all costs since it makes traversing the desert much easier.


Desert Voe Headband:      450 Rupees

Desert Voe Trousers:        650 Rupees

Desert Voe Spaulder:      1300 Rupees

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Kara Kara Bazaar

Coordinates: -3273, -2550, 0023

On the road to Gerudo Town, you will find a small settlement between the trees to the left, the Kara Kara Bazaar. This humble oasis holds the key to our first treasure of the set. Head on over to Saula’s stall, and you can buy the Desert Voe Headband for 450 Rupees. I would also recommend getting the Sapphire Circlet; this offers one heat protection, and even though it’s not much on its own, it can work in conjunction with other armor sets. 

After speaking with Saula, she will tell you about a secret store in Gerudo Town called Fashion Passion, which has intricate and exceptional equipment for navigating the desert.

Finding the Secret Store

Gerudo Town

Coordinates: -3875, -2864, 0043

Reaching Gerudo Town might be tough since there’s a raging sandstorm, and it might be difficult navigating it. Start by activating the Mayatat Shine to set a handy travel point within the area. Take it slow and steady, avoiding those pesky sand columns along the way. Keep moving forward when the map starts flickering, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in Gerudo Town. It would be best to use a Sand Seal to move through the sandstorm quickly; there are many nearby. Remember to use a shield not joined with Zonai equipment; otherwise, it won’t work, and you wouldn’t be able to shield surf.

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Unlike Breath of the Wild, you don’t need the Gerudo Set to enter Gerudo Town. The Calamity and Gloom heavily affected the town, so it was abandoned and slowly turned into semi-uninhabited ruins with no governance.

Fashion Passion

The store is owned by Greta and Perda, who won’t open the door for Link, so you will have to find a separate entrance. Fear not, for there’s a secret underground passageway through the waterway that leads to the store. But before you embark on this adventure, make sure to complete the Sorotoyanog Shrine located above the chief’s room in Gerudo Town. This nifty shortcut will grant you easy access to the town, bypassing the sandstorm altogether. 

Now, go to the Coordinates -3791, 2902, 0043 and jump down the well. You will land in the water and swim forward until you find a breakable wall to your left. You can either use a rock-based weapon or any material or weapon that functions as a bomb. I recommend attaching any stone you see to a rusty sword in your inventory.

Keep moving forward until you reach a dry room with stone pillars. Use the Ascend ability, and you will pop up right into the store. Greta and Perda will wholeheartedly accept you as a customer and open the front door. Now you can purchase the entire Desert Voe Armor Set. Don’t forget to check out their selection of Sand Boots and Snow Boots, perfect for swift sprints and runs across their respective terrains. Trust me, this shop is definitely worth your time and rupees.

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Congratulations on acquiring the Desert Voe Armor Set! You’re now one step closer to 100% completion in Tears of the Kingdom. Hyrule is brimming with many secrets and fun discoveries, so the journey continues. You can also upgrade the Armor Set by going to the Great Fairies with the necessary materials; this allows the set to gain a bonus and upgrade its defense capabilities. Enjoy your time in Hyrule, and check out our other guides to see if you’ve missed any other secrets in this amazing open world.

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