Apex Legends Update Changes: 5 Important Things to Know from Patch 1.1.1

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Apex Legends recently saw a slew of major changes following the 1.1.1 patch update. While the game is still in its infancy, it hasn’t stopped developers Respawn making some fairly significant tweaks to how important aspects of the Apex Legends play.

It should be noted at this point, that the studio has stated they will be monitoring this particular update closely, with the potential for rollback or additional Apex Legends changes following data and gamer feedback.

FinalBoss want to help you learn how to win at Apex Legends, which means keeping you aware of any changes. With that in mind, here are some things you should know about Apex Legends patch 1.1.1.

1. Caustic and Gibraltar Health Increase

Caustic apex

Massive targets, even on the move these boys aren’t easy to miss. In terms of technical play, they’ve got the largest hitboxes in Apex Legends, which means they soak up a few more bullets than their rival Legends. In an effort to combat this imbalance, Respawn have increased their health by 10%. The aim is to balance play without making design changes or messing with hitboxes.

2. Pathfinder Didn’t Get a Health Buff

Surprisingly, although Caustic got a buff on his health, Pathfinder did not. We can understand Gibraltar, the man is a mountain, but comparatively Pathfinder and Caustic are similar sized. Don’t be mistaken for thinking that larger characters have more health following this update, Pathfinder — and Bloodhound as well — are still on the same base health as fellow legends like Lifeline and Wraith, despite being noticeably larger.

3. Spitfire and Wingman Took a Hit

Spitfire Apex

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Known for their pinpoint accuracy and heavy damage, both the Wingman and Spitfire are weapons that pack a devastating punch when used properly. But their domination in the arena hasn’t gone unnoticed by Respawn.

The guns have taken a hit post-1.1.1 and with these Apex Legends changes comes a reduction in their ability to cull the competition. The Wingman has a reduced mag size, meaning you really need to get all your hits in to see its effectiveness continue. As for the Spitfire, base damage and mag extensions have been reduced.

4. Snipers Are King

The snipers of the game — the G7 Scout, Tripletake and Longbow DMR — have seen an uptick as part of the latest Apex Legends changes. The guns all saw a reduction in sway, making them easier to aim with. This did come at a cost of damage when striking legs, but what self-respecting sniper is hitting somebody in the shin? The Longbow DMR also saw its own specific benefits. Rate of fire has been increased significantly, alongside a boost to the size of its mag and extensions.

 5. The Dropship is Rapid

Those who’ve jumped into the arena will have been aware that the dropship was a bit of a flying turtle when it came to pace. But things have changed. The jumpship has been given a boost of 50% speed as part of the latest Apex Legends changes. This is a great little addition, as it means you can move to locations deeper in the map without trailing the competition for too long.

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