Best Apex Legends YouTubers: Streamers and Players You Need to Watch

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Who are the best Apex Legends Youtubers? It’s not an easy question to answer. With 25 million active players across the world, Apex has reached some pretty dizzying heights of popularity in its very short existence. The result is there are loads of Youtubers out there all vying for your views, but who should you be paying attention to?

FinalBoss have been scouring the video-sharing platform looking for the best Apex Legends Youtubers, and we think we’ve put together a pretty decent list. Covering everything from streams and guides to funny videos and highlight reels, you’ll be guaranteed to find at least one Youtuber on this list offering up the kind of video content you are looking for.

So, if you’re after tips on how to win at Apex Legends, or you just want to sit back and laugh at some epic outtakes, check out our list of the best Apex Legends Youtubers and discover content creators that may just become your favourite new channels.


Channel: Shroud

Subs: 4.5 Million

Content Breakdown: With gameplay videos, guides, streams, opinion pieces, weapon matchups, humorous content and more, there is not much relating to Apex Legends that Shroud does not cover.

Reasons to Watch: If the depth of content on offer wasn’t enough, the regularity at which Shroud posts, almost daily, means he’s one of the best Apex Legends Youtubers around at the moment for sheer volume of videos. Shroud also has a massive following of 4.5 million subs from a long career on the platform, meaning there is a wide-reaching community around his channel that you can get involved in if that’s your thing. In terms of the actual videos, his gameplay quality is impressive, thanks to his pinpoint accuracy, and his guides and comparison pieces offer some unique looks at Apex setups that are well worth checking out.

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Channel: dizzy

Subs: 240,000

Content Breakdown: Up-and-coming, dizzy’s channel is all about gameplay videos.

Reasons to Watch: dizzy is one of the best Apex Youtubers for gameplay videos. His subscriber base might not be the highest on this list, but his content has repeatedly gone viral amongst Apex fans thanks to the skill behind his gaming style. dizzy is also quite quiet as far as gaming streamers go. His videos are about as far away as ‘Cartman Brah’ as you can get. This is a channel for those who want to sit back and watch somebody absolutely crush it, hammering opponents with extreme accuracy and tactical play. You aren’t going to find guides on getting better at the game, this is more like watching a pro at work.


Channel: RaynDay Gaming

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Subs: 230,000

Content Breakdown: This channel is focused primarily on guides, how-to pieces and ranking videos, looking at providing in-depth content on everything related to improving your game.

Reason to Watch: RyanDay Gaming is an awesome channel for gamers who might consider themselves amongst the more casual crowd. There isn’t a lot of content for those who have totted up ample hours, but for those who play occasionally or that are new to the game, here is potentially the best Apex Legends Youtuber you will find. From myth busting and guides to winning your first game, to ranking guns and gear, those who think they may be lacking in Apex Legends knowledge can learn a lot from RaynDay Gaming.


Channel: Drift0r

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Subs: 1.4 Million

Content Breakdown: As with other best Apex Legends youtubers, Drift0r covers a wealth of different topics. Most of his videos are guides, although he also has some humorous content and streams as well.

Reasons to Watch: Drift0r is a great YouTuber and streamer for chilled out gamers. His style isn’t as enthusiastic as other popular gaming streamers, but that’s perfect for those who want a bit more of a laid back approach. His guides are concise and well put together, while his gameplay videos are edited to cut out anything dry or slow, keeping them engaging from beginning to end. He’s also very on-the-ball when it comes to keeping content fresh, for example, he was posting Octane guides and information about the season 1 patch very soon after it launched.

Top Apex Plays

Channel: Top Apex Plays

Subs: 88,000

Content Breakdown: Nothing but plays and random Apex Legends moments submitted by users. Essentially, this is an aggregator channel.

Reasons to Watch: Top Apex Plays is basically just a highlight reel, like you will have seen for many of your other favourite games. They don’t so much rank plays, but provide you with the most interesting, skilful, and downright bizarre submissions. Updated regularly, there is no doubt this is one of the best Apex Legend Youtubers when it comes to variety of gameplay clips.

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