The Cartoon Crush: Revisiting the Best Cartoon Shows of All Time

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The Cartoon Crush Series on FinalBoss features bitesize essays written by Jon Holmes about current cartoons, and their effects on how we watch television – their humble beginnings, their legacies, and maybe just a snipe or two at what they used to be! Drinking game: Take a shot every time I mention The Simpsons… (Please don’t actually do that)… see you on the other side!

Below you’ll find each of the Cartoon Crush articles, all in one place. Have a browse, have a read, and enjoy a unique look at some true TV classics.

Remembering Spongebob Creator Stephen Hillenburg

Stephen hillenburg and Spongebob together picture

The most recent addition to Cartoon Crush looks back at Hillenburg’s legacy, as well as being a discussion of a show that I was raised on. With a unique ability to entertain both kids and adults simultaneously, Spongebob is a cartoon that would end up helping base and develop my comedy style as a future screenwriter.

Want to learn more about who created Spongebob and why the show is so enduring? This is the Cartoon Crush article to start with.

“Homer at the Bat” – The Series Home Run

Homer and Darryl Strawberry in Homer at the bat Simpsons episode

While I could write about how The Simpsons has lost its way forever, this post comes in as a love letter to my favourite ever Simpsons episode. A serious game changer at the time, Homer at the Bat really sticks in the memory. Even now, I’m thinking of the song. ITTTTT’S OUTTA HERE!

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Is this really the best Simpsons episode? Click the link and find out.

The Brilliant Irrelevance Family Guy

Peter covered in his own filth Family Guy

Still trudging along on our TV screens, Family Guy exists as a staple – not a necessary part of a meal, but somehow always there. It’s a perfect “in the background” show, that doesn’t ever strive to be much more than that. Family Guy lives on even now, after all these years as the troublesome little brother, very OK with that position, and still very willing to be mischievous.

Read about why irrelevance isn’t always a bad thing in my look at the current state of the show and how Family Guy is still running.

Understanding Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez working on machine in garage

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Rick Sanchez is the animated world’s favourite asshole. In this post I take a look at what makes him tick, what drives Rick to do such awful things on such a regular basis, and why that is so damn appealing to us. I ask: As viewers, how can we consistently let him get away with this? Hey, maybe we’re all just a bunch of schwifty sadists. Who can say?

A fan of Rick and Morty and, in particular, Rick? Join me as I explore what makes Rick the Rickest Rick, and one of the best cartoon characters ever written.

The Mundane Brilliance of Bob’s Burgers

Tina Belcher sad pre teen

Bob and his family exist in a drab world not too dissimilar to our own: kids go to school, while adults work jobs in greasy diners and get by. This post focuses on that close nit ecosystem, its oddly grounded universe and its own sense of realism within that. I talk about Bob Belcher’s sincere overall of magnificence and his lack of obnoxiousness, and how that is ironically exactly what makes this show stand out from the pack.

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Looking for reasons as to why you should watch Bob’s Burgers? There all in here!

The Enduring Relevance of South Park

South Park Cartman cafeteria

As one of the older flicks on this list, South Park still remains such a king of its craft. Growing from strength to strength with each new season, and still with no subject off limits South Park continues to disrupt and poke at the current zeitgeist. Here we discuss how South Park remains so shocking after all these years on air and how it will continue to embrace going to the deepest darkest places that no-one else will.

New to South Park or thinking about revisiting this classic cartoon? Discover why South Park is still worth watching.

Then please check out more of our TV content.


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