Elden Ring: 10 Best Dexterity Weapons You Shouldn’t Sleep On

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Behold the best dexterity weapons in all of the Lands Between 

Whether you’re an Astrologer or a Vagabond, Elden Ring‘s huge arsenal of weapons always has something available for every build you can think of. But if you’ve played the game for a while, you’d know that the weapons which scale with dexterity often take home the prize for being tremendously overpowered.

You’ll find a plethora of these awesome instruments of destruction in the game, so much in fact that it might become hard to figure out which ones are actually useful. So to cut you some slack, let’s take a look at only the top 10 best dexterity weapons in Elden Ring that you just can’t sit out on.


Hand of Malenia

Hand of Malenia

Wielding Requirements: Str 16, Dex 48

Scaling: Str E, Dex C

Highlights: You can use the Waterfowl Dance; there’s no need for anything else

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After reaching the Haligtree and beating Malenia, you’ll be rewarded with her Remembrance which you can exchange with Enia for the Hand of Malenia, a katana built in the image of Malenia’s prosthetic arm. The Hand of Malenia is similar to the other katanas in Elden Ring in the sense that it possesses Bleed damage, but where it outshines them is with its longer sizeyay, more hitboxes.

Getting the Hand of Malenia is by no means easy, but manage to do that, and you’ll be just as invincible as the Rot Goddess herself. The dexterity scaling on it is nothing short of amazing too, and if you’re rocking two of these bad boys in New Game+, then it’ll be game over for the bosses. And before I forget, yes, equipping the Hand allows you to use the most unfair and broken move in the history of video games, the Waterfowl Dance.




Wielding Requirements: Str 12, Dex 18, Int 23

Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Int C

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Highlights: Magic damage

Unsurprisingly, my next pick for the best dexterity weapons in Elden Ring list happens to be another katana, the Moonveil. It has got a mix of dexterity, Intelligence, and strength scaling, so it’s a great all-rounder in terms of power.

Thanks to its Intelligence scaling, every slice of the Moonveil has a splash of magic damage infused in it, and when the slashes feel too repetitive, its dual special move mode allows you to cut up foes in all sorts of pieces. On the other hand, there’s the Rivers of Blood as well, a neat alternative to the Moonveil. They’re basically the same thing, but while the Moonveil is unmatched in dexterity, the Rivers of Blood is an overall powerhouse. You can read more about it in this listicle of best Elden Ring weapons.


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Godskin Peeler

Godskin Peeler

Wielding Requirements: Str 17, Dex 22

Scaling: Str E, Dex C

Highlights: Rapid flurry of attacks

The Godskin Peeler is the most menacing Twinblade you’ll come across in Elden Ring. One end of this terrifying pole is a needle for shanking enemies, while the other takes the form of a sickle for causing excruciating pain. Combining both sides, you get to unleash spinning slashes in quick succession onto your enemies.

Unfortunately, the Peeler doesn’t come included with Bleed, but what it lacks in passives it makes up for with its Black Flame Tornado ability that you can spam endlessly. So yeah, it’s among the best dexterity weapons Elden Ring has to offer.


Bolt of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax

Wielding Requirements: Str 20, Dex 40

Scaling: Str D, Dex D

Highlights: Lightning damage, Pretty much a sniper rifle

There aren’t many dexterity weapons in Elden Ring that come infused with Lightning damage, but from those that do have that wonderful little bonus, the Bolt of Gransax stands out clearly. It’s a spear that scales brilliantly with a strength-dexterity build, and besides obliterating foes in front of you, it’s also a really deadly sniper rifle because of its special ability.

Its Ancient Lightning Spear skill causes your character to jump in the air and summon a lightning bolt which is then thrown at enemies. The range is unbelievably far, plus, the Bolt of Gransax does 20% additional damage against those pesky dragons, so if close combat isn’t your thing, you know what to do. 


Bloodhound Claws

Bloodhound claws

Wielding Requirements: Str 10, Dex 15

Scaling: Str D, Dex D

Highlights: Bleed damage, Scales equally well with both strength & dexterity

You’ve got to admit at some point in your life you’ve imagined yourself playing hero with Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. Well, you can thank Miyazaki sensei as the vicious Bloodhound Claws do the perfect job of replicating that sensation.

The Bloodhound’s Claws rip and tear through the toughest of bosses, albeit you will have to get closer to enemies than you’d like. And last but not least, the Bloodhound Claws come preloaded with the broken Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War, so landing those backstabs couldn’t be any easier — or if you just want the Bloodhound’s Step, here’s a guide on finding it.


Golden Order Greatsword

Golder Order Greatsword

Wielding Requirements: Str 16, Dex 21, Fai 28

Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Fai C

Highlights: Scales well with both dexterity and faith

The Golden Order Greatsword primarily scales with faith, but don’t you always need to have a little faith in your weapons am I right? The dexterity scaling on it isn’t too bad either, so if you’re going for an incantation build, using this chunky golden Greatsword as your main melee armament wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You can obtain the Golden Order Greatsword by defeating the Misbegotten Crusader found in the Cave of the Forlorn in the Consecrated Snowfield. It’s a tough sword to get, but like all the best dexterity weapons in Elden Ring, once it’s in your hands, no one’s safe from certain death.


Bloodhound’s Fang

Bloodhound fang

Wielding Requirements: Str 18, Dex 17

Scaling: Str D, Dex C

Highlights: Earliest weapon you can find with the Bloodhound’s Step, Bleed damage

This Bleed weapon is basically a game-changer, and if you’re new to Elden Ring and curious about the strange “Bloodhound’s Step” passive ability the community keeps yapping on about, then you should set your sights on the Bloodhound’s Fang. The Bloodhound’s Fang will likely be the first Bleed imbued weapon you’ll come across in Elden Ring, and aside from being a good fit with a dexterity character, it’s got a nice moveset of combos to cut up enemies.

This Curved Greatsword is an obvious choice to recommend to new players who aren’t good with Soulslikes. Apart from the deadly slashes and lots of Bleed, the nice little cherry on top is that it comes with the Bloodhound’s Step ability that allows you to dodge just about any attack thrown at you. Seriously, if easy mode was an option, this would be it.


Wing of Astel

Wing of astel

Wielding Requirements: Str 7, Dex 17, Int 20

Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Int D

Highlights: Magic damage, Handy skill

You’ll find the Wing of Astel pretty late-game, but even so, it’s a terrific weapon if your character specializes in sorcery and dexterity. The light and heavy attacks with the Wing of Astel are the usual swings you’d expect from a Curved Greatsword, but its skill is as devastating as it is stylish.

With the Nebula ability, you can either summon a dark cloud that will scatter explosive magic stars in an area in front of you or perform a sweep attack that also ends with a bang, albeit a smaller one. The killer sword strikes aside, the Wing of Astel has got some of the best spells in Elden Ring attached to it.


Vyke’s War Spear


Wielding Requirements: Str 16, Dex 20, Fai 18

Scaling: Str E, Dex C, Fai D

Highlights: Inflicts Madness 

After playing around with Vyke’s War Spear for dozens of hours, I can confirm you’ll go mad — literally. It does a ton of damage, has great reach, an awesome special ability, and scales masterfully with hybrid dexterity builds, but it comes with a major drawback: its Ash of War applies madness to both the enemy and wielder.

Because of the tricky repercussions of using Vyke’s War Spear, it’s not something you should use recklessly. Try to find that sweet spot of choosing the right chain of attacks, and once you nail that down, the War Spear becomes a joy to impale mobs with.


Eleonora’s Poleblade

Eleonora Poleblade

Wielding Requirements: Str 12, Dex 21, Arc 19

Scaling: Str E, Dex D, Arc D

Highlights: Arcane scaling, Causes blood loss build-up 

Unlike the Godskin Peeler, Eleonora’s Poleblade does not have a spectacular reach, but it wouldn’t hurt to overlook that in exchange for some fire damage and blood loss build-up. Eleonora’s Poleblade comes with another perk as well: it scales with arcane and dexterity. Arcane scaling isn’t something many weapons in Elden Ring have, so for builds relying heavily on Dragon Breath Incantations, Eleonora’s Poleblade is a must-have.

Despite the short-handedness, you’ll be swirling around the entire battlefield cutting foes up through the courtesy of the Bloodblade Dance skill. Triggering the skill has you leap up into the air and then reign in on those below with a rapid shower of strikes. The Bloodblade Dance is perhaps the most offensive skill in the entire game, so if for nothing else, consider using Eleonora’s Poleblade for the arcane and lethal special technique.

Elden Ring

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