KingsIsle Entertainment Rolls Out ‘The Crying Sky Raid’ Update for Wizard101 – Promises Intense Gameplay and More

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KingsIsle Entertainment – the brains behind the popular MMORPG Wizard101 – is stirring up excitement among gaming enthusiasts with the debut of its latest update, “The Crying Sky Raid.

This refresh promises to take the gameplay to a whole new level, boasting a challenging new guild boss, additional customization capabilities, and more enticing PvE and PvP events.

The Crying Sky Raid: A New Challenge for Experienced Wizards

At the heart of this rollout is the much-touted Crying Sky Raid – a high-stakes guild boss challenge tailored to test the mettle of seasoned wizards.

This team raid beckons max-level wizards to the world of Azteca’s ruins for a head-to-head with a cult of crazed dinosaurs, culminating in a showdown against a cosmic horror. The raid brings a strategic edge to the game, rewarding players with enticing gear, pets, jewels, and more as they conquer innovative puzzle challenges.

Personalization and Tailored Gaming Experience

Taking a leap in character personalization, the update offers players the opportunity to revamp their wizard’s identity by changing their names and genders once. Accompanied by a slew of new names, this feature paves the way for heightened individuality among wizards.

In a bid to provide a bespoke gaming experience, the update extends improvements to the Challenge Mode, enabling players to select from two difficulty levels for boss fights and enjoy corresponding rewards.

Artie Rogers, Design Director at KingsIsle Entertainment, expressed excitement over the new features. He stated, “The Crying Sky Raid update introduces an immersive challenge in Azteca for our seasoned wizards, demanding extraordinary skill and teamwork. The additional features bring much-anticipated customization, new ways to explore existing content, and enhancements to further improve your time in the Spiral.”

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Event and Gameplay Improvements: The Beastmoon Hunt and More

Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem aficionados are in for a real treat with the update. It brings in gameplay improvements, new options, and rewards for both PvP skirmishes and PvE boss monster hunts. This includes new event pets and beastforms, amplifying the events’ thrill and competitive spirit.

Lastly, an upgrade to the Hatchmaking Kiosk is set to simplify pet hatching. Players can now find pet owners online and hatch pets with them for half the usual cost, fostering greater collaboration and growth in pet collection.

To learn more about this exciting new chapter in Wizard101, head over to or follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Wizard101 and KingsIsle Entertainment

Wizard101, a magical turn-based CCG MMORPG, brimming with wizardry and mystery, invites players to create their own wizard, build a spell deck, and join friends on a whimsical journey across 19+ enchanting worlds. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2023, the game keeps engaging its 50 million North American and European players with regular updates.

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Founded in 2005, KingsIsle Entertainment is an acknowledged trailblazer in the MMO landscape. The company is dedicated to delivering family-friendly gameplay, with MMOs captivating a broad demographic, from pre-tweens to grandparents.

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