Hardest boss in elden ring

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Enter the epic and relentlessly challenging world of Elden Ring – FromSoftware’s most enthralling and darkly beautiful brainchild. This sprawling, intricate game captivates with its mysterious lore, strategic gameplay, and yes, those notoriously formidable boss battles. Designed to test your gaming prowess to its core, Elden Ring draws both seasoned veterans and adventurous newcomers into a world where every victory feels monumental.

If you’ve been swept away by Elden Ring’s immersive universe, you’re likely here seeking strategies to outsmart the ‘Hardest Bosses in Elden Ring.

This comprehensive Elden Ring boss guide will not only unveil the top 10 mightiest opponents you’ll encounter, but also equip you with indispensable strategies to take them down. We’ll journey through the menacing storm-wreathed fortress of Godrick the Grafted, to the fiery depths inhabited by the Fire Giant, and finally to the breathtaking, yet deadly dance with Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

10. Godrick Godrick The Grafted

Players can encounter the challenging optional boss Godrick the Grafted in the Stormveil Castle dungeon of Elden Ring. Although difficult to locate, defeating Godrick will grant players valuable assets to aid them throughout their playthrough.

Although Godrick may appear unimposing, players should not underestimate his combat skills. His attacks are powerful and mastering his combos takes practice. To gain an advantage, one strategy is to stay behind him and dodge his attacks.

Godrick’s strength truly shines in his second phase when he attaches a dragon head to his arm and gains a powerful fire attack in addition to his strong axe swings. Defeating Godrick requires careful strategy and preparation, as he possesses both melee and ranged capabilities.

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Although it may be difficult, it’s worth trying to defeat Godrick because it will provide valuable rewards for players during their playthroughs. Being well-prepared is essential for facing any boss in Elden Ring, so players should upgrade their equipment and plan a solid strategy beforehand.

9. Margit, The Fell Omen

The first major challenge in Elden Ring is facing Margit, The Fell Omen. This boss is tough to defeat due to its ever-changing move combos, which makes it difficult to predict. Low-level players will find it especially challenging, and for those who haven’t played a FromSoftware game before, the level of difficulty might be unexpected.

Margit is encountered by following the main storyline, but it’s advisable to face this boss later in the game after leveling up and obtaining better equipment.

8. Astel, Natural Born of the Void

Astel, Natural Born of the Void, is one of the most unique and challenging bosses in Elden Ring. This cosmic nightmare steps out of the medieval fantasy foreground and presents players with a range of terrifying attacks that will keep them on their toes.

Astel’s shock waves are a powerful attack that can hurt players who get too close. Astel can also shoot lasers at players from far away, so distance doesn’t offer much protection. As Astel’s health dwindles, it starts throwing meteors, so dodging is crucial.

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7. Fire Giant

The Fire Giant is a non-optional boss that players must face after unlocking the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is frustrating to fight the Fire Giant because he is a strong enemy that is difficult to defeat. His AI is impressive and allows him to dodge players’ attacks. However, it is hard to fully understand this mechanic when also trying to avoid his fire attacks.

The Fire Giant is one of the toughest foes in Elden Ring, whose massive health bar can be disheartening. Even with the best weapons, defeating this opponent can feel like an uphill battle, requiring preparation and patience.

6. Dragonlord Placidusax

Players will face the formidable Dragonlord Placidusax. This powerful boss has two heads and can effectively use the surrounding environment to defeat players. Placidusax’s fast teleportation abilities further increase the challenge of successfully attacking him.

Although Placidusax’s one-hit kills are powerful, players should be aware that the lightning in the arena can also cause death. It may be challenging to locate the dragon, but players looking for achievements should upgrade their weapons before attempting to defeat it.

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5. Beast Clergyman/Maliketh, The Black Blade

The Beast Clergyman boss initially appears easy to defeat, but players soon face the reality when he transforms into Maliketh. Maliketh is a challenging adversary, requiring multiple attempts to overcome.

Players must time their movements perfectly to avoid Maliketh’s one-hit kills, and his unpredictable flying patterns make it difficult to catch him off guard.

While players can use the arena to dodge their attacks, landing a hit on Maliketh is the biggest challenge of this fight. The fact that he must be defeated in order to progress Elden Ring’s main storyline is enough to make players put the game down for a little while.

4. Radagon Of The Golden Order/Elden Beast

The last battle in Elden Ring is an impressive one that marks the end of players’ lengthy journey. It kicks off with Radagon using the hammer that smashed the Elden Ring. However, players will soon discover that the fight isn’t close to being finished yet.

After defeating Radagon, the fight takes a dramatic turn as he transforms into the Elden Beast, leaving players with no break in the action. This forces players to continue the fight with whatever health they have left from the first encounter. The Elden Beast is a challenging adversary, constantly moving and making it difficult for players to land a hit.

The Elden Beast can be defeated by hitting its glowing center, which is its weakest spot. However, this task requires players to be strategic and patient, despite the beast’s formidable abilities.

3. Starcourge Radahn

To succeed in the battle with Starscourge Radahn, players need quick reflexes and a solid strategy. Radahn opens the fight with deadly arrows from a distance, demanding vigilance. His skilled melee attacks require more than random button presses to overcome.

In the second phase, Radahn transforms into a meteor, creating a sense of alarm and disorder. Even experienced Dark Souls players will face challenges against this powerful enemy. Winning requires composure, strategic timing of attacks and evasions to dodge Radahn’s onslaught.

2. Godskin Duo

The Godskin Duo is a tough challenge even for highly skilled players. To defeat them, players must face both the Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble simultaneously. It’s recommended to have a co-op partner for this boss fight.

There are multiple bosses and a shared health bar that players need to deplete to win. Each boss also has its own health bar. However, if players manage to defeat one of the bosses’ single health bars, they will respawn quickly, which can make first-time players feel hopeless.

To successfully defeat the Godskin Duo, players must possess endurance and coordination skills. They also need to strategize carefully and have quick reflexes in order to take down both bosses simultaneously.

1. Malenia, Blade Of Miquella

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is the undisputed queen of Elden Ring’s bosses. Players have to be at their very best to stand a chance against her. From the start, Malenia showcases her ferocity by charging the player, delivering a devastating one-hit kill.

Malenia is a tough opponent to face because she has the ability to heal herself with every hit. Additionally, she is quick and evasive, making it difficult to land a hit on her. In her second phase, she gains wings and becomes more powerful, dealing more damage and becoming even more elusive.

To triumph over Malenia, players need to have a completely full health bar and an enormous amount of patience and persistence. Even the most powerful player builds will be tested to their fullest against this opponent. To succeed against Malenia, players must be fully committed and give it their all.

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