How To Respec Your Elden Ring Character Stats in?

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It’s Never Too Late To Change

There almost always comes a point when you’re halfway through a game and you get your hands on a lot of cool weapons, but then you realize a terrifying fact: the 99 upgrade points you spent in the dexterity skill tree won’t let you equip your overpowered new sorceries — or maybe it’s the other way around and you can’t become an archer. 

Surprisingly, that’s a conundrum you’ll face often while playing Elden Ring since the sheer amount of content in it is unbelievable. So if you’ve found yourself in the same pickle I did in my first playthrough, here’s a complete guide on how to respec in Elden Ring, and reallocate your skill points in another build for your character. 

How To Respec In Elden Ring

If you want to respec your character in Elden Ring, you will first need to defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Once that’s done, talking to her on your next visit to the boss room will give you a prompt to use the “Rebirth” feature, provided you have a Larval Tear in your inventory.

Well, that’s just the lay of the land on how respecing works in Elden Ring, but let me break it down for you a little further. Rennala is a Shardbearer who you can find inside the Academy of Raya Lucaria, one of the Legacy Dungeons in the game. The academy is located in Liurnia of the Lakes, the giant castle you see from practically anywhere in the region.

To obtain Rennala’s Great Ruin, which allows you to respec your character, you must defeat her in the boss fight. Once you’ve beaten Rennala, fast travel out of and back to the boss room to reload the area. On your return, you’ll see that Rennala is now a normal NPC, and you can interact with her. Selecting the Rebirth option will allow you to reallocate all your skill points, but you must have a Larval Tear in your inventory in order to do so.

How Do I Get Larval Tears?

It’s highly likely that by the time you beat Rennala, you already have a Larval Tear or two in your inventory. Some of them can be obtained by defeating enemies, while others are just lying around in the open-world.

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Larval Tears are generally tough to find unless you’re doing a lot of exploration, but to make things quick, here are the locations of a few:

  1. You can loot a Larval Tear from the graveyard found at the Village of the Albinaurics. This is by far the easiest Larval Tear to acquire, and it only requires you to get to the Liurna of the Lakes region.
  2. Just south of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, there will be a horde of Lobster enemies. One of them will transform into a Scion, and killing the Scion will grant you the Larval Tear.
  3. Directly east of the Agheel Lake South in Limgrave, there will be a single Wandering Noble. It’s actually a Lesser Ruin bear disguised as a Wandering Noble, and defeating it will get you another of those sweet Larval Tears.
  4. If you happen to clear out the Siofra River, then you’ll encounter a Nomadic Merchant there. You can purchase a Larval Tear from him for 3,000 ruins.
  5. Another Larval Tear can be purchased from Pidia, Carian Servant for 3,000 runes. You’ll find this merchant in the Caria Manor north of Raya Lucaria.
  6. Exactly west of the Church of Dragon Communion in Caelid, there’s a Troll disguised as a Wandering Noble. Defeating the Troll will put a Larval Tear in your inventory.  

There are a total of 18 Larval Tears in Elden Ring, but there’s no way you’ll change your mind about your build that often, so getting your hands on a couple is more than enough. Plus, after you’re past a certain point, you’ll have more than enough attribute points to decently upgrade all of your stats. In a way, Larval Tears are items you’ll only need to either underpower yourself late game or shuffle your stats to try out different builds.

That’s a wrap on the how to respec in Elden Ring guide, but considering that we’re talking about a Soulslike here, I’m sure there are a bunch of other things that have got you all bamboozled. Maybe it’s getting to the Haligtree secret area or completing the main bosses in order, in any case, we’ve got you covered on all of them.

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