Millicent Quest Elden Ring: Complete Guide

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Here’s How To Extinguish The Frenzied Flame Once And For All

The questlines in Elden Ring are always intertwined with each other, even though initially they come across as unrelated. It’s an arbitrary world FromSoftware has created, but at the same time, there’s a reason behind why everything is the way it is. You’ll start off Sellen’s questline and halfway through it Millicent will appear out of nowhere requesting aid.

Millicent’s questline is one of the most engaging substories in Elden Ring. It kicks off in the Caelid wilds, takes you through the Altus Plateau, and then ultimately ends in the Haligtree secret area. Finding Millicent is easy, but as the questline progresses, you’ll hit multiple dead ends, and without a proper walkthrough, you are going to spend hours more than you should. Luckily, this Millicent questline guide breaks down the puzzling process into simpler steps.

Elden Ring Millicent Quest Walkthrough

Millicent’s questline essentially plays out in three main regions; Caelid, the Altus Plateau, and the Mountaintops of the Giants. The journey starts off in Caelid, so let’s take it from there. 

To begin Millicent’s quest, you’ll first have to talk to a great Sage named Gowry. This elderly man is seated near a shack in eastern Caelid which you can reach by taking the Caelid Highway. Follow the road until you are close to Sellia, the Town of Sorcery. As you approach the town, keep an eye out to the right and you’ll see Gowry sitting in a decrepit shack. Unlike other Elden Ring NPCs, Gowry is relatively easy to locate, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding him.

Gowry location Elden ring

Rob The Unalloyed Gold Needle From Commander O’Neil

Talk with Gowry and he’ll ask for a favor. He wants you to help heal Millicent, a girl infected with the Scarlet Rot. However, to accomplish this, you must first retrieve the Unalloyed Gold Needle by defeating Commander O’Neil who you can encounter in the Swamp of Aeonia, the massive area of Rot directly in the center of Caelid.

The boss arena is located inside the giant vine structure in the swamp. So, make your way there, give Commander O’Neil a beating, and return to Gowry with the needle. In return, Gowry provides you with a note containing Sellia’s Secret and requests some time to repair the needle. Before you progress any further, reload the zone by fast-traveling away and coming back. Interacting with Gowry once again gets you the repaired needle. Now you can head towards the town of Sellia directly north of here.

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Commander Oneil Elden ring

Solve Sellia’s Magical Puzzle Or Skip It

Our actual objective is to reach Millicent at the Church of the Plague and use the Unalloyed Gold Needle to subdue her infection. But the section where the Church of the Plague is situated is actually barred by the town of Sellia. There are two ways of going about this. The obvious one is solving Sellia’s mind-numbing puzzle. If you inspect the note given to you by Gowry in your inventory, it’ll reveal to you that you must light the three braziers nearby to open the barrier of Sellia.

Sounds easy enough right? While you can quickly spot the braziers in Sellia, actually reaching them is challenging. You’ll require some cunning platforming skills, but manage to do so, and you officially move on to the next part of Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring.

Alternatively, you can bypass the Sellia puzzle by going to Fort Faroth in northeast Caelid and jumping down the Spirit Spring located right beside it. Doing that will land you only a few moments away from where Millicent is, so why not?

Church Of the Plague Elden Ring

Cure Millicent And Sit Tight

Upon arriving at the Church of the Plague, you’ll bump into a handful of enemies. Clear them out, and go up to Millicent who will be lying beside one of the church’s inner walls. Exhaust her dialog, give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle, rest at the church’s Site of Grace, and talk to her again. 

You’ll notice that she now appears healthier than ever and gives you the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom as a token of appreciation. Exhaust her dialog once more, rest at any Site of Grace, and go meet Gowry at his Shack. Millicent will already be talking to Gowry when you make it to the shack. Speak to Millicent and the next time you visit, she will no longer be there.

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Obtain The Valkyrie’s Prosthesis

Millicent’s third location will be just north of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace, which itself is slightly north of the Altus Plateau Site of Grace. You can speak to her here, but it won’t progress the story. To move along the questline, you need to retrieve the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis from the Shaded Castle.

The Shaded Castle is a mini dungeon in the northwest of the Altus Plateau, it’s visibly marked by green surroundings on the map screen. Once you’ve infiltrated the dungeon, proceed towards its northwest end and look for a chest containing the prosthesis. Return to Millicent to receive her gratitude, and head northeast in the region to Dominula, the Windmill Village.

Gazing Hill Elden ring

Vanquish The Godskin Apostle

To keep things going, your next task is to beat the Godskin Apostle at Dominula, the Windmill Village. The village rests on an ascending cliff of sorts, so start making your way to the top while simultaneously fighting hordes of horrific dancing cultists. Once you reach the windmill at the peak, the Godskin Apostle boss will appear. However, if you pay attention to your surroundings, you should spot a nearby summon sign.

Activating the sign will summon Millicent to aid you in battle, and believe me, you’ll need all the help you can get. It’s a tough boss fight, so I also recommend checking out this list of best weapons in Elden Ring if you can’t seem to beat the Godskin Apostle. Finish off the mobs and rest at the Windmill Heights Site of Grace which will spawn right after. Then talk to Millicent and exhaust her dialog to enter the final leg of this adventure.

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Get To The Miquella’s Haligtree Secret Area

You won’t see Millicent again till you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants, the snowy region in Elden Ring. To access this area, you must first defeat the Demigod boss in the Leyndell, Royal Capital, Legacy Dungeon. Make that your priority. Once you have gained access to the region, ride forward on Torrent. Near the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, you will find Millicent waiting to be spoken to.

Millicent tells you about Malenia, a Demigod, and mentions a region called the Haligtree and how to possibly reach it. This interaction doesn’t do much apart from just hinting at where you should go, so if you prefer to save some time,  skip this step.

But what isn’t optional is reaching Miquella’s Haligtree. It’s a lengthy process that takes a couple of hours, but if you do want to continue Millicent’s questline, there’s no way around it. You basically have to collect two pieces of a medallion, then use the Grand Lift of Rold, and then solve a puzzle to get to the Haligtree. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how to solve the mystery.

Defeat The Ulcerated Tree Spirit

Navigating through Miquella’s Haligtree is tough because of the extremely overpowered enemies, but well, never give up. Eventually, you’ll run into Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree. Defeat her, and make your way down the Haligtree by taking the ladders and elevator past the boss room. You will then enter the Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree section of the Legacy Dungeon . Advance further and you’ll find the Prayer Room Site of Grace, and within the same room will be Millicent.

Speak to her and continue exploring the dungeon until you’re in a giant room scattered with ponds of Scarlet Rot. This room is in the vicinity of the Drainage Channel Site of Grace. In this giant room, there is a platform on the opposite side which you can get to by jumping off a tree branch, so do exactly that. The Ulcerated Tree Spirit will pop out from the swamp of Scarlet Rot, and you’ll have to beat it in order to progress.

To Help Or Not To Help

After that’s done, fast-travel away and return to the platform. This time you’ll see that there are two summon signs on the floor.

  1. Red Summon Sign: You fight Millicent and upon killing her receive Millicent’s Prosthesis Talisman. This choice unfortunately ends the questline.
  2. Gold Summon Sign: You help Millicent kill her berserk sisters and receive the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia Talisman as compensation. This choice continues the questline.

Reload the area and Millicent will have succumbed to her Scarlet Rot infection again. Reload for a final time and she will have died, although you’ll be able to collect the Unalloyed Gold Needle from her corpse.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Millicent’s storyline may have finished, but the Unalloyed Gold Needle still has a greater part to play. At the end of the Legacy Dungeon, you’ll fight Malenia, the hardest video game boss ever made. She’s nearly impossible to beat, so refer to our guide on that for some tips and tricks.

Reload Malenia’s boss room after beating her and there will be a huge Scarlet Aeonia flower present. Interact with it and your Unalloyed Gold Needle will be transformed into Miquella’s Needle which you can later use to rid yourself of the Frenzied Flame. However, accomplishing that is another matter, and one left to be told in a different guide.


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