Best Mods for Elden Ring: Unleash Your Gaming Potential

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While the release of Elden Ring has sparked excitement among gamers, a particular aspect of its allure lies in the potential for player creativity and customization. Enter the realm of Elden Ring mods, a thriving community where talented individuals push the boundaries of the game, breathing new life into its already sprawling universe.

Today, we delve into the vibrant world of Elden Ring mods, exploring how players have transformed the game and created their own unique experiences. 

What are Mods?

Mods, short for modifications, offer players a way to alter and enhance their gaming experience. Whether it’s tweaking gameplay mechanics, introducing new content, or reshaping the game’s visual aesthetics, mods provide an avenue for players to reshape the world of Elden Ring according to their desires. 

From subtle tweaks to total overhauls, these user-generated modifications allow players to explore the game in exciting and unconventional ways, opening up possibilities that extend far beyond the original vision. Most importantly, there are a lot of different mods you can try until you find the one that suits you perfectly.

But first, let’s learn how to enable mods in your game.

Enabling Mods in Elden Ring – Complete Guide

Since mods are created by fans and players, finding them is usually the hardest part. However, you can visit a special place, the NexusMods website. These guys made sure to make the whole process of enabling mods easier so you can focus on enjoying the game.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on downloading, installing, and using mods in Elden Ring.

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  1. Choose the mods you want from NexusModsThe first step is to visit the webpage and type ‘’Elden Rings’’ in the search bar, and you’ll see all the mods you can install. For the guide’s sake, I’ll use the ‘’Elden Ring Reshade’’ mode to change the lighting in my game. 
  2. Download the mod – Once you choose the mod, simply click ‘’Files’’ and then click ‘’Manual download’’. Your download will begin shortly. 
  3. Copy the files from the downloaded folder – After downloading the mod you want; you will have to extract the files and copy them into the game folder. Finding the game folder is relatively easy. 
  4. Locate the ELDEN RING folder – There are a couple of ways to locate the game folder of the Elden Ring game. The easiest is to go to your Steam, your Library, and click on Collections. Find the Elden Ring icon and then right-click on it. Choose ‘’Manage’’ and then navigate to ‘’Browse local files’’.
  5. Copy the mod files – Find the ‘’ELDEN RING’’ folder and enter the ‘’Game’’ folder next. Paste the content from the downloaded file exactly in the ‘’Game’’ folder, and you’re ready to go. Ensure the content you’re pasting is next to the ‘’eldenring.exe’’ file. 

Now, after installing the mod, you can enter the game and enjoy the results of it. However, if you want to deactivate the mod, simply click on your keyboard’s ‘’END’’ key. 

Elden Ring Mods – Most Popular Options

Now, after learning how to install the mods you want, let’s take a closer look at some of the most unique options. Remember, you can always deactivate any mods if your ‘’appetite is satisfied’’. 

The best Elden Ring mods:


The Convergence mod is a highly popular and ambitious modification that introduces a unique twist to the Elden Ring experience. Using this mod, you’ll experience new items, spells, and even some really interesting weapons. Possibly the most important change here is that this mod offers you a completely new experience when you want to obtain some important items like Spectral Steed Whistle.

However, most players opt for other mods as this one quickly feeds the desire to experience the change. 

Seamless Co-Op

For those who enjoy embarking on epic adventures with friends, the Seamless Co-Op mod is a game-changer. It enhances the cooperative multiplayer aspect of Elden Ring, eliminating the traditional summoning system limitations and allowing players to seamlessly join their friends’ games without the need for specific summon signs or restrictions. 

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With this mod, players can explore the treacherous lands of Elden Ring together, overcoming challenges and sharing the thrill of victory as a united force. You can also invite your friends to help you with boss fights. However, the second after you slain the boss, all your friends will get kicked out of your game. 

Item and Enemy Randomizer

Injecting a healthy dose of unpredictability into the game, the Item and Enemy Randomizer mod add an exciting element of surprise to each playthrough. This mod shuffles the locations of items and enemies throughout the game world, ensuring that no two playthroughs are identical. 

Players will discover random loot in previously familiar places and face formidable foes where they least expect them. This mod breathes new life into Elden Ring, fostering a sense of exploration and discovery even for seasoned players. The best part is that this mod is specially created to use logic and not just randomly twist things up. This is the best mod for those who completed the game and became the Elden Lord.

Pause the Game

In the intense and challenging world of Elden Ring, sometimes a moment to catch your breath can be invaluable. The Pause the Game mod provides a feature that many players have longed for: the ability to pause the game at will. 

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This mod allows players to temporarily freeze the action, providing a brief respite for strategizing, managing inventory, or attending to real-life interruptions without the fear of leaving their character vulnerable to attacks. It adds convenience without compromising the game’s overall difficulty and immersion.

Easy Mode

The Easy Mode mod offers an alternative gameplay experience tailored for players who prefer a more relaxed and forgiving journey through the world of Elden Ring. It adjusts various parameters, such as enemy aggression, damage output, and player health regeneration, to provide a more accessible and less punishing gameplay experience. 

This mod allows players to enjoy the captivating story, stunning environments, and intricate world design of Elden Ring without the extreme difficulty typically associated with the Soulsborne genre.

Performance Boost

The Performance Boost mod focuses on optimizing the game’s performance, aiming to enhance the overall stability and smoothness of Elden Ring on various hardware configurations. This mod helps players achieve higher frame rates, reduced stuttering, and improved responsiveness by fine-tuning graphics settings, improving resource allocation, and eliminating performance bottlenecks. 

The Performance Boost mod ensures a more fluid and enjoyable gameplay experience for those facing performance-related issues. We can all agree that playing Elden Ring on high FPS is simply on another level. 

ERR – Elden Ring Reforged

The ERR mod, short for Elden Ring Reforged, is an ambitious total conversion modification that aims to revamp and expand upon many aspects of the base game. From redesigned areas and new enemy encounters to additional gameplay mechanics and AI, ERR offers a comprehensive overhaul that seeks to provide a fresh and unique Elden Ring experience. 

With an emphasis on exploration, challenge, and deep immersion, this mod caters to players seeking a different perspective on the Elden Ring universe. Similar to the ‘’Item and Enemy Randomizer’’ mod, this is also a perfect edition for those who have already completed and gained the status of Elden Lord.

Elden Ring Ascended Mod

Most importantly, there are three different difficulty levels when activating this mod. The first one is ensuring all enemies are doing 50% more damage. The Nightmare mode makes it even harder for you as there will be more bosses and enemies, and the overall gameplay is hard. Plus, you start with the permanent debuffs. Lastly, the last mode is where the fun really starts. This mode contains the effects from the prior two, but everything is darker and permanently night.

Run Loss Disabled

This mod significantly changes the gameplay mechanics of Elden Ring. In the base game, when players die, they typically lose their acquired runes, which are valuable items that enhance their abilities and provide various bonuses. This loss can be frustrating and discouraging, as it adds an extra layer of difficulty and punishment to an already challenging game.

However, this penalty is removed with this mod. Players no longer have to worry about losing their hard-earned runes upon dying. This mod aims to provide a more forgiving and less punitive experience, allowing players to focus on exploration, combat, and progression without the fear of setbacks caused by rune loss.


The world of Elden Ring mods offers a diverse array of enhancements and modifications that breathe new life into the game’s already captivating universe. From gameplay adjustments to visual enhancements and expanded content, these mods provide players with opportunities to tailor their experience, explore new possibilities, and immerse themselves in the world of Elden Ring in unique ways. I surely hope this guide helped you decide which mod to try but remember, everything’s better if you add a bit of magic to it.

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