How To Get The Bloodhound’s Step In Elden Ring

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Backstabs Have Never Been Easier

Despite Elden Ring’s gameplay superseding any other Soulslike with only just its variety of weapons and spells, it looks like FromSoftware couldn’t help but include cool new special moves. The Ashes of War abilities in Elden Ring are unique moves that you can assign to any alterable weapon in the game, and oh boy are they neat additions to the combat system.

The Bloodhound’s Step in particular is the most talked about Ash of War in the Elden Ring community, which is not surprising considering how broken it is. Being able to practically teleport behind enemies for a backstab or dodge attacks thanks to those generous iFrames are perks you shouldn’t miss out on.

But if by chance you weren’t lucky enough to find this Ash of War on your own, here’s a complete guide on how to get the Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring.

Bloodhound’s Step Location In Elden Ring

You can get the Bloodhound’s Step by defeating the Night’s Cavalry boss in Caelid. The boss patrols the bridge in front of Lenna’s Rise, which leads to the Bestial Sanctum, but only appears at night.

Bloodhound's Step location

There are actually a total of 10 Night’s Cavalry bosses spread across the Lands Between. The Bloodhound’s Step is a reward unique to the Night’s Cavalry roaming in Caelid, so don’t get confused if you happen to kill one but don’t end up getting the Ash of War.

Defeating the Night’s Cavalry

nights cavalry elden ring

Unless you’re early game, the Night’s Cavalry bosses are pretty easy to defeat. The Night’s Cavalry are Knights mounted atop black horses wielding either halberds or flails. They definitely look menacing, but they have just a few attack patterns so memorizing them won’t be hard.

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All Night’s Cavalry boss fights will also occur in the open-world, so you’ll have a lot of room to maneuver yourself. Riding Torrent and jousting like the good ol’ medieval days is an option, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are relatively new to the game — besides, you’ll have plenty of other chances.

Standing in a spot with a two-handed weapon equipped is a better choice for beating the Night’s Cavalry, well, that’s what I used anyways. The stagger on Great-weapons is really useful, especially in this case, so timing your dodges and attacking ruthlessly is the way to go.

How OP Is The Bloodhound’s Step

At its core, the Bloodhound’s Step is essentially a dodging mechanic, albeit a massively improved version. It has a greater travel distance than a normal ragdoll or side-step, and it has your character disappear during the movement which also gives you plentiful invincibility-Frames.

It’s almost a teleport ability due to these factors.

That makes it a really versatile Ash of War which has a use in any situation since dodging attacks is what you’ll be doing 90% of the time in Elden Ring.

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Another difficulty you might face might be choosing the right armament to equip the Bloodhound’s Step with, fortunately for you, I’ve made a listicle featuring 10 of them.

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