Gaming News This Week 12-06-20

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Welcome to the gaming edition of our weekly pop culture round-ups. Here you can find out all about the week’s latest video game gossip and what’s due out soon.

The News

Sony finally unveil PS5

Sony yesterday held their long-awaited PS5 reveal event and showcased several big games along with the new hardware.

The hardware reveal itself has been met with mixed reactions across the board. Some people are praising the sleek, futuristic style of the console and are backing Sony’s departure from the norm. The rest of the audience, however, is mocking the design, comparing it to modern-day routers and in true internet style, the memes are already flowing. The console is causing heavy debate across players and even within the FinalBoss team!!

In a move that may delight users, the console will be available in two different varieties. The standard version will come with a disc drive and a digital-only version will also be released. This will hopefully give customers two different prices and make the console more readily available to a wider audience at launch. No hints at price were given at the time of the event.

Alongside the consoles, Sony presented a range of accessories in the form of a controller charging stand, media remote, HD camera and a set of 3D audio headphones as they continue to push their next-gen audio improvements.

Ps5 Finalboss Reveal

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There was a wide variety of games on offer during the event, from AAA blockbusters to the humble indie games Sony has been investing in over the last few years. The stand out titles of the show included Resident Evil 8- Village, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man- Miles Morales, Hitman 3, Demon’s Souls remake and the big hitter, of course, was Horizon Forbidden West, the much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. 

The Future of Destiny Looks Dark!!!

Bungie has this week outlined its current plans in supporting its lead franchise, Destiny. Driving home the fact that there is no third sequel in the near future.

Instead of another entry in the series, the developer has another three expansions planned. The first of which is called Beyond Light and launches in September this year, hoping to help the game transition from this gen to next. This will also be the first expansion that introduces players to a brand new element called “Stasis” that will open up new sub-classes and new ways of playing. The following two expansions will be titled The Witch Queen (2021) and Lightfall (2022). Given the length of time between each expansion, we expect them to be quite substantial in size and content, as well as Bungie to bolster the time in between with their new seasons format.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Finalboss

The latest expansions are set to finally reveal “The Darkness” that the game has been teasing since it was first released in 2014. It will also offer a host of new content while simultaneously removing less-used content and put it into what they’re calling the “Destiny Content Vault”. This will be their method going forward rather than releasing a sequel in what they refer to as a “long-term live service game”.

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Biggest Releases This Week

The Last of Us part 2

A game that needs no formal introduction and by far the biggest release of the next week is the highly anticipated Last of Us sequel. The reviews have already started seeing the light of day and if early impressions are anything to go by, Naughty Dog have another masterpiece on their hands.

Last Of Us 2 Finalboss

Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor Expansion

Releasing on June 17th The Isle of Armor Expansion will add a brand new area to explore in the Galar region in the form of The Crown Tundra. Filling the new area will be a host of new Pokemon to catch, items to collect and new moves to teach to your team.

Desperados 3 

Desperados 3 is a slice of wild west gun-slinging action for players to sink their teeth into. The game is a story-driven hardcore tactical stealth game that players can purchase on June 16th.

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Check back next week for more of the latest gaming news and keep an eye out for our TV/movie and tech round-ups.

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