Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Glide Armor Set?

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Free falling or skydiving is one of the most fun things to do in Tears of the Kingdom; jumping from the sky and diving through the air is exhilarating. Still, there is restricted movement while doing it, and the best way to increase mobility while skydiving is by getting the Glide Armor set.

It increases maneuverability and decreases stamina consumption for paragliding. There is no better way to go through Hyrule than by falling in style.

The armor pieces are located on three separate islands. You can choose to visit any of them for the pieces, but we recommend the following route:  

1.    Courage Island

2.    Bravery Island

3.    Valor Island



To obtain the Glide Armor set, acquiring the paraglider is essential. Securing this crucial item involves embarking on the “To The Kingdom of Hyrule” questline. Your journey commences at Lookout Landing, where you will meet with Purah, initiating the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” questline.

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With great insight, Purah will unravel the mysteries of the Skyview Towers and present you with the paraglider.

Zonai Charges

To successfully complete this quest, you will need a substantial number of Zonai charges. These charges are indispensable for performing tasks and operating Zonai machines. To obtain them quickly at the beginning of the game, you can defeat Zonai Constructs on Sky Islands. Alternatively, you can find them scattered around Hyrule or near Temples.

Zonai Charge


In order to navigate between the islands, it’s vital to have the right supplies for stamina recovery and cold resistance. This is due to the paraglider’s stamina depletion while in use, as well as the frigid temperatures experienced at high altitudes on the islands, which demand the use of cold resistance items.

Courage Island – Glide Shirt

Coordinates -2201, 0945, 1646

To obtain the Glide Shirt, you need to head to Courage Island. There are many ways to reach Courage Island. Still, the most convenient method would be to use the Lindsor’s View Skyview Tower (coordinates -1901, 1243, 0297).

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The island with the circular pathways on the map is Courage Island, but you might require a lot of stamina to reach it. I suggest having stamina-boosting items available or taking breaks at smaller islands. This is because the main destination is lower than the smaller islands, making reaching it easier.

Once you reach Courage Island, speak with the Steward Construct, and it will initiate the trial, which activates the Taunhiy Shrine.

Complete the Shrine and get ready to partake in the “Dive Ceremony,” which is a challenge that requires you to pass through all green rings while skydiving within a thirty-five-second timeframe

. Completing the challenge will result in receiving the Glider Shirt.

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Glide shirt

Bravery Island – Glide Tights

Coordinates 0163, 1972, 0759

Bravery Island, situated above the Lost Woods, is where you’ll discover the Glide Tights. To reach this island, begin by heading to the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower located at coordinates 0343, 3133, 0180.

From there, launch yourself into the air and direct your course towards the island positioned in the North, taking note of its distinctive cross shape.

As the distance to Bravery Island is quite substantial, it’s necessary to make intermediate stops at smaller islands along the way.

These islands are equipped with Zonai machines that facilitate seamless travel, but they require Zonai charges to operate. This is where the Zonai charges you collected earlier come in handy.You must repeat the same process and talk to the Steward Construct to initiate the trial and complete the Shrine.

Then participate in the “Dive Ceremony” and beat the challenge in thirty five seconds to receive the Glide Tights. This challenge is more complex than the straightforward challenge at Courage Island, so feel free to slow down during the dive to go through all the green rings correctly.

Glide tights

Valor Island – Glide Mask

Coordinates 4544, -845, 1121

The final piece of the Glide Armor set, the Glide Mask, can be obtained at Valor Island. The best way to reach Valor Island is by using the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower (coordinates 3845, -1306, 0539) at the mountain’s peak.

This Island is the farthest away from the tower, so you will need to use stamina consumables and Zonai flying machines to reach it. It is important to note that you must consume cold resistance items for this challenge since the temperature is low.

Just like the other islands, you’ll need to go through the same steps and finish the trial and the Shrine.This is the most difficult challenge since there are a few hurdles, and you must maneuver between clouds, so remember to put on the pieces of armor you have already received from the other islands.

This will help you a great deal to complete the challenge. Dive through all the green rings in thirty five seconds to complete the Dive Ceremony and receive the Glide Mask.

Glide mask

Dive Ceremony Zonai Charges

Once you have completed the Dive Ceremony and obtained the Glide Armor set, you can revisit the islands and participate in the challenge again.

Successfully completing the challenge within the given time limit will earn you an extra-large or large Zonai charge; this method can be used for farming charges.

Additionally, you can aim to beat your previous high scores and have the Steward Construct record them in the scorebook, where you can track your best times on each island.

Upgrading the Glide Armor Set

The Glide Armor set has a valuable feature beyond its agility – an upgrade bonus. When you upgrade the set while wearing it, you become immune to fall damage, and your armor’s defense values improve. To upgrade, visit the Great Fairy Fountain with the required materials and Rupees. 

The items you will require are:

1.   Star Upgrade: 3 Keese Wing and 10 Rupees

2.   Star Upgrade: 5 Aerocuda Wing, 6 Aerocuda Eyeball, and 50 Rupees

3.   Star Upgrade: 6 Aerocuda Wing, 8 Aerocuda Eyeball, and 200 Rupees

4.   Star Upgrade: 10 Aerocuda Wing, 12 Gleeok Wing, 8 Gibdo Wing, and 500 Rupees


Good work! You can now navigate easily, fly through the skies, and travel long distances in style.

The game “Tears of the Kingdom” has some amazing armor sets, and you’ll need all of them to achieve a 100% completion rate. We recommend checking out our guide to the Desert Voe Armor set next. 

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