How to get the Frostbite Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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The armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom are really something special. If you want to gear up your character with top-notch stuff, then you definitely want to grab the Frostbite Armor set.

This armor set works like a charm in cold places, giving Link’s attacks a frosty edge. The more pieces of the set you put on, the more oomph you add to the ice damage. Just remember, though, this gear won’t keep Link warm, so make sure you’ve got some cold-resistant food and elixirs handy.

When traversing Hyrule and conversing with non-playable characters, you may come across various dialogues, maps, and tips that can guide you to the location of the armor set.

This can be time-consuming. To expedite your search, here’s a tip: the entire Frosbite armor set can be found in the snowy region at the top left of the map.

Frostbite Trousers Location

Hebra Headspring Cave location

To score the Frostbite Trousers, make your way over to Hebra Headspring Cave, nestled within the Tabatha Frontier at coordinates -2875, 2498, 0387.

This cave awaits at the fringes of a water body, situated to the northeast of the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. Once you venture into the cavern, you’ll encounter an array of frosty platforms.

Beware, the water here is chilly to the bone, so exercise caution as you navigate these platforms. When hopping from one to the next, be sure to land on the white snowy sections rather than the slippery blue icy patches. Jumping onto the icy areas will send Link on an unintentional downhill slide.

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Upon reaching the final platform, look towards the North, and there you’ll find your next target—an entrance that might pose a challenge to reach.

There are several ways to reach the opening. You can throw white church jellies on the water to create ice platforms, use Tulin’s ability to glide towards the entrance, or even use a rocket. Once you make it through, you should see a chest containing the frostbite trousers.

Frostbite Shirt Location

Brightcap Cave location.

This place is a bit warmer, so no need for cold resistance gear. To find the frostbite shirt, head over to Brightcap Cave in Tabatha Frontier (coordinates -2987, 1654, 0198).

You’ve got two ways to explore this cave. The first option is taking things step by step, like helping folks in a big wooden cabin near the cave.

Talk to the NPCs outside and hand them the 10 Brightcaps they want. After that, you can dive in and take down all the enemies inside the cave.

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Or you can skip everything and keep moving forward. Both ways work.

Once you step inside, you’ll come across a Horriblin followed by a wall-hugging Like Like. Keep moving forward, and if you’re feeling lost, look at the flag poles sticking out of the wall for direction.

Stay on the path until you stumble upon a shrine blocked by thorns (which you can swiftly burn using flint or a flaming arrow). Once the path is clear, step into the shrine and open the chest holding the Frostbite Shirt.

Keep in mind: After you’ve wrapped up the Mayoral Selection side quest, you’ve also got the option to purchase the Frostbite Shirt from Cece’s shop in Hateno Village.

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Grabbing those 10 Brightcaps from within the cave is a cinch, and once you hand them over to the pair of folks, they’ll teach you how to make the Spicy Tomato Mushroom Stew. This hearty stew gives Link a solid five and a half minutes of cold resistance.

Frostbite Headdress Location

The last spot on the list is Lake Kilsie, found within the Lake Kilsie Cave in Tabatha Frontier (coordinates -3928, 2844, -0016).

There is no need to climb the cliff or reach the top; the cave is nestled at the lake’s northern edge, down at the bottom.

Once you step inside, there’s a noticeable updraft emanating from a sizable hole in the center. You’ll encounter a rather pesky Horriblin – best to deal with it first to avoid any nuisance.

Once that’s sorted, jump into the updraft, open your paraglider, and turn eastward. There’s a sizeable rocky wall that’s just begging to be broken.

Using a Bomb flower arrow is the easier route, though you can also rely on a stone attached to a weapon. Glide right through the now-open passage, where you’ll find a shrine and a chest. Crack open that chest, and voilà, the Frostbite Headset is all yours.

Now that you’ve got the whole set, go all in by wearing all three pieces at once. That’s when the real elemental damage magic happens.

If you like the armor set but think its defense is too weak, you can upgrade it at the Great Fairy Fountains throughout Hyrule.

Toss in some specific items and Rupees to level up those armor pieces. It’ll really come in handy when you’re up against tough spots and tougher foes.

If you’re interested in other nifty armor sets, check out our guide on the Glide Armor set that lets you soar through the skies. Enjoy your new iceborne ability.

FAQ about the Frostbite Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Q: Does frostbite armor give cold resistance?
A: The Frostbite Armor does not provide cold resistance. However, when Link dons all three pieces of the Frostbite Set, it grants a Cold Weather Charge that inflicts cold damage upon enemies during attacks.

Q: Where can I find the frostbite armor?
A: The Frostbite Armor pieces can be found at the following locations:

  • Frostbite Trousers: Hebra Headspring Cave in Tabatha Frontier
  • Frostbite Shirt: Brightcap Cave in Tabatha Frontier or available for purchase from Cece’s shop in Hateno Village after completing the Mayoral Selection side quest.
  • Frostbite Headdress: Lake Kilsie Cave in Tabatha Frontier

Q: What does the frostbite armor do?
A: The Frostbite Armor enhances Link’s attacks in cold areas, adding a frosty edge to them. The article mentions: The more pieces of the set you put on, the more oomph you add to the ice damage.

Q: What materials are required to upgrade the frostbite armor?
A: The armor can be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains using following materials:

  • Tier 1: 3x Ice Fruit
  • Tier 2: 5x Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horn, 5x Winterwing Butterfly
  • Tier 3: 5x Large Zonai Charge, 5x Ice Like Stone, 5x Cold Darner
  • Tier 4: 10x Chillfin Trout, 10x Large Zonai Charge, 5x Gleeok Frost Horn

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