How to Make Money Betting on eSports Games

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eSports gambling is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in the industry. Data suggests that 2020 will see around $13 billion worth of bets being placed on gaming contests around the globe.

There is big money to be made here. Just as with any type of gambling, people are building small fortunes on playing the odds. While for most, betting is a casual and rare extravagance often afforded to a big event or favourite team, for others it can be a part of their day-to-day lives and a real source of income. Just as with betting on other sports, like football or snooker, eSports betting can be used to make money if done properly. 

Making Money with eSports Betting: Risk vs Reward

In many ways, betting is like trading stocks. You’re in the game for the risk vs the reward. A bet is always a gamble, but risks can be mitigated. A blind punt on long odds isn’t a sustainable structure for making money, but that isn’t what professional gamblers do. Professional gamblers, those that make money betting, aren’t constantly taking big risks. They’re thinking strategically. They’re analysing their opportunities and they are placing bets that offer the best rewards measured against the risk.

However, there are a few different ways a professional or even casual might go about this, one of which might be the more measured familiar approach like Online Casinos. All in all, you can never be sure you’ll always win, but there are working to always be on the right side of the winning team in terms of eSports. But how do we translate this idea into making money through betting on eSports games?

Walk Before You Run

Before you start jumping into eSports bets, trying to win money, take a step back. Instead of watching to earn, watch to learn. Watch eSports tournaments and get to understand how it all works on a very intricate level. Understand the ins and outs of gamer lifestyle, how things like location and crowd can affect performance, and so on. The people making money on eSports betting are the ones who really understand the system. They’re avid followers of eSports and could basically do the commentators job for them. That is the kind of expert you want to be. You never want to find yourself managing eSports bets and asking yourself questions about how a tournament is operating that you cannot answer. 

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Research Teams and Players

Your bets are decided by teams or individual players. They enter the arena of eSports facing up against other teams or players. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved, you can get an idea of how games will go. The mistake is picking a great player or team and always placing your eSports bet on them. But this doesn’t work if they come up against a team that can take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Only by having a birds-eye view of eSports, and betting in a non-bias way based on what you know about players and teams, can you increase your chance of winning money. 

Follow Current Events

eSports is always changing. There are constantly new teams entering the rankings, teams splitting up, rivalries forming and so on. If you want to win your eSports bets, you need to be aware of changes to the status quo. Don’t get blindsided by a new player getting involved in a tournament and unsettling your strategy. And don’t get caught betting on a team because you know their strengths, only to find they’ve replaced half their squad. When it comes to winning money on the eSports betting circuit, knowledge is power, and there is a lot of knowledge to be consumed. Know your industry, and you’ll be prepared to adapt to how it changes. 

Pick Your Games Carefully

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There are well over 100 games played in eSports, with thousands of tournaments covered. Trying to be an expert eSports better across all games is like trying to be an expert in all sports. It can’t be done. Instead of just betting on eSports to make money, hone your skills and focus on a select few games. Learn these games, their leagues and their tournaments inside and out. If you want to make money with eSports betting though, you’ll want to make sure these are very active games with a lot of prize money involved. The last thing you want to do is be waiting around on a game that nobody really plays. We’ll cover which games are the best for making money on eSports betting in a moment. 

Place Realistic eSports Bets

Long odds with great rewards can look very appealing, but that’s not how the professionals make their cash. Even if you have a good feeling about a bet, there is a reason there are long odds. Unless you’ve got great reason to take such a big risk, your best way of making money on eSports betting is through realistic bets. They won’t be the highest reward, but they’ll be stable and safe ways to keep counting up those coins. 

Getting Started with eSports Betting 

Below we have a link to a partner of ours that provides eSports betting opportunities. There are plenty of other options as well, but we’ve selected Loot.Bet because they are eSports specialists. Their business is based primarily around eSports betting, which means you’ll get all the active tournaments and leagues, with access to everything you need to start making money with eSports betting. If you click the link below you’ll grab yourself a great deal to start your eSports betting career, and you’ll help out the FinalBoss site.

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The Best eSports Games to Follow for Making Money Betting

To find the best games for eSports betting, you need to find games with devoted followings that hold regular tournaments with a consistent batch of teams or players that you can learn about. This disqualifies small games, new games and games where the top team roster is regularly changing. So which games should you focus on?

Our Top Four eSports Games for Betting:

There are four games that all fit the bill for great eSports betting opportunities. They’ve been around for a while. Have secured massive followings. Have regular teams and players returning to tournaments. And, they have regular tournaments and leagues that you can become an expert in. They are:

  1. Dota 2 
  2. League of Legends
  3. Counter-Strike
  4. Starcraft II 

You can make money betting on eSports by specialising in any one of these four games. If you’d like to branch out, maybe pick one other. However, we recommend you keep it as simple as possible. The key strategy to winning money betting on eSports is being the absolute oracle of a particular game. You wouldn’t expect somebody who can predict every outcome in tennis to nail bets on ice hockey, so don’t spread yourself too thin. 

The Wild Card: Fortnite 

It’s a relatively new game compared to the others on this list, and with a much younger playerbase, the top players are regularly cycling into newcomers. However, Fortnite is becoming more established, and also has a wealth of big-money tournaments under its belt. Fortnite might not be one to place all your bets on just yet, but instead a game to keep an eye on, learn about, follow, and eventually start making money on in the future.  

We’re Begging You: Bet Responsibly

Gambling on eSports is a great way to earn some extra cash if:

  • You have the finances available to take some risks
  • You have the time to invest in really learning the ins and outs of eSports
  • You are able to restrain yourself and place smart bets

If you are concerned that you don’t fit the perfect description, please consider your wellbeing. Gambling problems can lead to a variety of mental health problems and financial issues. Making some money on eSports can be a fun and healthy activity, but it can also be an all-consuming nightmare if you are struggling with gambling addiction. 

Problems with eSports gambling? Look into GamCare.


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