How to Survive: Apex Legends — Apex Legends Survival Guide

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At FinalBoss, we’re known for our quirky survival guides. Well, I say known…

I’ve written a handful.

Usually, these are on-the-nose, humorous pieces, like the most recent one about surviving Avengers Endgame. However, we’re here today with what might be construed (dangerously) as an actual purpose. We’re here to look at how to survive in Apex Legends.

FinalBoss have already covered a few topics on improving your game, including our comprehensive guide on how to win at Apex Legends. Today though, we’re taking an exclusive look at how not to end up as a tantalising little loot box.

Avoid the Mozambique

Mozambique meme

The gun is a tragedy, a plague upon the Apex Legends landscape. The top, and most poignant tip in this Apex Legends survival guide, is to just run the other way. The problem is that you are to likely pick this gun up early in the game if there is nothing else around, but even dust is superior to this monstrosity.

Having the Mozambique tempts you into conflict when you’ve just dropped, because you are under the misconception you have a gun. However, the Mozambique is so poor it’ll be outmatched by any other weaponry available, or even just a small stone or roll of tissue paper that somebody might throw at you. Flee at the sight of it. Don’t let it fool you into thinking you’ve got an actual offensive piece of artillery, and you’ll survive much longer in Apex.

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Keep Watching the Skiis Skies

Simpsons skiies

We all know where you drop can make a huge difference to what you find. Hot Zones have the best loot, then you’ve got the highs, mids and lows. But the quality of gear isn’t all you should be considering while hurtling towards what is almost certainly your avatar’s last few minutes in this world.

Look around you. Use freeroam to monitor your fellow jumpers. The trail-blazing squads are easy enough to spot, which makes them easy enough to avoid as well. A zone that is being crammed with opponents is not going to support survival.

It’s going to be a cluster****.

Granted, these messy encounters can be fun, but they’re usually also a ticket to a quick and early grave. Instead, if you see too many squads hitting your LZ, adjust coordinates and move on. You don’t even have to go far. Just far enough to stay outside the melee long enough to grab a decent gun and body armour before you see whether or not you can outlast Leeroy Jenkins.

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Recharge Your Shields

It’s easy to underestimate the value of shields in Apex Legends when the fighting gets heavy, but having some armour bolstering your health is utterly essential when it comes to making it out a firefight alive. There are three steps to this process, and they are very easy to follow.

  • Step 1 – Find something that lets you recharge your shields
  • Step 2 – Keep it fixed to your equipment roll for easy access
  • Step 3 – Duck out of combat and use the damn things!

Stick Together

If you really want to know how to survive in Apex Legends, you need to be thinking about the people to your left and right. Your squad is your lifeline – as is Lifeline herself – and they’re as important to your survival as that wall is to Trump’s presidency.

The winning squads are the ones who move around in tight units, picking off stragglers and breaking teams down. The firepower of three is always going to beat the firepower of a lone wolf. Now, you don’t have to be going it alone to simply get separated. It’s easy to wander off while looting and find you are all miles away from each other. But this can leave you vulnerable and your squad becomes liable to be picked off.

The best way to keep that from happening is to maintain awareness. Use your pings to set directions and communicate if you can. Form up, stay together and don’t let yourself get lost in the supermarket without Mum and Dad.

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Use Your Senses

Until smell-i-vision is invented, you won’t be able to catch a sweet note of rust as Pathfinder clinks on by, but the use of another sense can be very useful when looking at how to survive in Apex Legends: hearing.

Similar to many modern shooters, the key to getting an edge on your opponents might just come down to your awareness of them. In Apex, footsteps, gunshots and other noises can be heard with a great deal of clarity; especially if you are wired up with a decent pair of gaming headphones.

Using sound to identify where your enemies are is important, as it allows you to out manoeuvre them. Playing without a headset, with low volume, or a TV system with poor sound quality definitely puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to staying alive. All good hunts in the animal kingdom have a fierce set of ears, and there is a damn good reason for that.

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