How to Swap Hearts for Stamina and Stamina for Hearts in Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, there are two crucial stats that play a significant role: Hearts and Stamina. These stats are vital for puzzle-solving, accessing specific areas, and securing your triumph in the game.

If you wish to enhance either of these stats, you must seek out a goddess statue and offer her four Lights of Blessing.

However, what if you desire to redistribute your “essences” and have fewer hearts in exchange for more stamina, or vice versa?

Learn more in our guide on how to respec your stats in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Finding the Cursed Horned Statue

Your primary objective will be to locate the Cursed Horned Statue, the same statue that was used in Breath of the Wild. You will find the statue in Lookout Landing in the Emergency Shelter.

Talk to an NPC and activate the side quest “Who Goes There?”.

Horned statue Zelda tears of the kingdom
Cursed Horned Statue in Tears of the Kingdom

The NPC will tell you about a creepy voice she hears from the hole like a demon growling. Once you go to investigate you will find some breakable rock walls. You can use bomb arrows or a heavy weapon to destroy them and move forward. You will then encounter the Horned Statue.

The Process of Swapping Hearts for Stamina

Speak with the statue and it will ask you to sell an essence, pick either hearts or stamina, it will take that essence and give you 100 Rupees. Speak with the statue and it will ask 120 Rupees to sell you the essence back and you can take it either as a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. The method in general costs 20 Rupees to respec Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels which is a very fair deal.

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Zelda tears of the kingdom best build


Hearts and Stamina are an important mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom, and if you haven’t completed all the shrines, you might want to respec them from time to time depending on what you’re approaching in the game. I recommend checking out our guide on Hearts Vs Stamina to understand what would be better to fully enjoy the game and how it would maximize the experience.

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