Metal Gear Solid 6: Will Kojima Ever Continue The Saga?

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Ever since the messy split between Konami and Hideo Kojima, the fate of Metal Gear has been in total limbo. Leaks reported that another title in the series was in production, and fans hoped it would be Metal Gear Solid 6, but Kojima later announcing Death Stranding as an independent venture with PlayStation led to further confusion.

Well, that was until Metal Gear Solid Delta was confirmed in early 2023. With the Snake Eater remake being Konami’s next attempt at rejuvenating the iconic franchise, we’re unfortunately back to square one with Metal Gear Solid 6’s release date. It feels like a fleeting dream at this point. That said,  if you’re curious to know whether any hope remains, then by all means, march on ahead.

Will There Be A Metal Gear Solid 6?

Metal Gear Solid 6 hasn’t officially been announced yet. The likelihood of MGS6 being made within the next few years is virtually non-existent, though after the release of Metal Gear Solid Delta and the upcoming remasters, you can expect some sort of continuation.

Kojima and Konami parting ways after MGSV: The Phantom Pain is mainly why there is no sequel, on top of The Phantom Pain addressing most about Venom Snake’s origin story. Even so, a sixth mainline installment down the line is possible, however, odds are it won’t be directly linked to Big Boss.

Hideo Kojima Won’t Be Involved In Metal Gear Solid 6

After the unsavory exit of Kojima from Konami, the legendary game director now heads his own studio. Kojima Productions’ currently working on Death Stranding 2 for the PS5, and afterwards, rumor is that they’ve got a horror game codenamed Project Overdose in the pipeline exclusively for Xbox.

Then again, if the studio did settle on making time for Metal Gear Solid 6, Konami owns the rights to the IP, and I doubt they’d be willing to partner up with Kojima, at least not right now.

Despite Kojima being the creator of Metal Gear, his hands seem to be tied regarding the development of Metal Gear Solid 6. Konami on the other hand might become bold enough to greenlight MGS6 if reception to their Snake Eater remake is great.

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In that outcome, a sequel will be made, but far away from Kojima’s direction, and that would be a shame since without his wild ideas, the series just won’t feel the same.

Metal Gear Solid 6 Release Date

Metal Gear Solid 6 does not have a release date. A release date getting announced soon is also a very unlikely possibility since Metal Gear Solid Delta is the next major entry into the franchise, and Konami wouldn’t want anything to overshadow the remake.

However, if you’d like a rough estimate, then late 2028 is as good of a guess as any.

Chances are that Hideo Kojima won’t be involved in MGS6. His Project Overdose is reportedly a revival of what he wanted to do with his canceled Silent Hills title.

So without Kojima there, Konami could make the sequel an original story set in the same universe with only references to past characters.

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That may get fans divided over the new direction of the franchise, but until we know for sure, it’s bound to be a long wait.

Metal Gear Solid 6’s Story Could Continue From The Phantom Pain

The Phantom Pain was hugely ambitious. Its plot threads were a little complicated at times, but the 50-so missions gave the in-depth look at Venom Snake fans had wanted all these years. 

However, when MGSV came out, many people felt it was incomplete and the story had parts missing. Then evidence started piling up that Konami made Kojima remove content and wanted to push up the release date. It’s partly why some plot threads felt too rushed in the game.

Some story bits from the ending were reportedly also scrapped, and while they didn’t make the cut back then, Konami could incorporate those in Metal Gear Solid 6, provided that it picks up from where The Phantom Pain left off. Otherwise, it’s just Konami trying to mimic something Kojima would’ve written for a sixth game.

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The last time they tried this, Konami dropped the Metal Gear Survive catastrophe, so it won’t be a welcomed decision.

Things We’d Like To See In Metal Gear Solid 6

Every mainline Metal Gear Solid game has left an immeasurable impact on the industry, With the bar set so high for the next one, it’s only appropriate if some of the following things are present.

A Diverse Open-World

The Phantom Pain was set in Afghanistan and Africa, however, there was barely any difference in terrain between the two territories, and that led players to conform to a specific way to approach every mission.

Adding a snowy map in Metal Gear Solid 6 would drastically improve the experience, provided smart enemy AI is added that hunts you by following the patterns of the snow you leave behind and whatnot. Diversifying the open-world would do wonders for the game, so hopefully Konami takes note.

More Raiden

Raiden’s one of the most interesting characters in the entire franchise, but rarely does he get screen time. It wasn’t until Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that fans got to play as Jack the Ripper himself. Revengeance had the smoothest and most fast-paced combat in any Metal Gear game to date, and the awesome story was the cherry on top.

Over a decade has passed since MGRR and besides a cameo in Ground Zeroes, we’ve had no word on what the killer cyborg is up to. Konami did imply that there would be a second game featuring Raiden, but it seems as if Kojima leaving the company did more damage than anticipated.

Raiden coming back in Metal Gear Solid 6 as a secondary protagonist wouldn’t hurt, though the developers would have to go through the trouble of making two combat systems since Raiden prefers ripping people apart rather than shooting them in the head. There’s no doubt fans want to see Raiden again, and if not in Rising Revengeance 2, then possibly in MGS6.

Groovy Songs

The walkman in Metal Gear Solid 5 was among the best items available. Whether you’re on a mission or exploring the open-world, you could always pass the time playing some classic jazz or OSTs in the background. 

The Metal Gear series hasn’t been one to be remembered for its memorable melodies, but if Hideo Kojima does get a say in Metal Gear Solid 6, he should consider bringing those groovy songs from Death Stranding over since they are arguably the best part of that game. Destroying a robot as big as Sahelanthropus while listening to some Low Roar in MGS6 would feel kind of epic, so there’s no reason not to implement the feature.

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