PS4 Pro HDR/4K Enhanced Games List

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When Sony released the PS4 Pro in November of 2016, it promised gamers the first-ever opportunity to experience 4K/HDR gaming on a console. The next step in the world of graphical capabilities, 4K visuals allow for greater depth and detail, while HDR increases colour ranges and sharpness.

Alone, they can enhance the appearance of a game. Together, they can make for a truly jaw-dropping experience. Here, we look at all the games that are available for the PS4 Pro in both 4K and HDR.

Before we go any further though, it was worth noting that the PS4 Pro doesn’t offer many titles that are native 4K.

What is Native 4K Gaming?

It means the game is built to display in 4K. Most all titles on this list have been enhanced using technical wizardry to make them appear of a higher resolution, rather than including 4K at the source.

Essentially, the PS4 Pro takes advantage of its sophisticated hardware to make a game look 4K, even though it wasn’t built to do so.

Only those with a trained eye and the hardware to match the content can really tell the difference between 4K scaling and native 4K. The only real differences you’ll notice is during heated combat, where resolution is scaled back as to not impede frame rate and slow the experience down.

PS4 Pro HDR/4K Games List

PS4 Pro HDR/4K Games List
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