Rick and Morty Theories That Are Total BS

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I love a good theory me. I’ve written a few in my day, but there are some theories that really grind my gears. In Rick and Morty, there are more than usual. Because of its whacky, sci-fi nature, people are quick to jump to insane conclusions without considering the facts.

In this Final Boss video, I look at some Rick and Morty theories that a total bullshit.


Rick and Morty Theories That Are Total BS Transcript

There are few things certain in life.

One is death. Lucky us.

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The other is apparently taxes. You hear that, Wesley?

But I’ve got one more to add to the list.

Rick and Morty being the biggest TV show on the planet.

You know… As soon as Game of Thrones is finished.

Rick and Morty is bigger than just about anything. Bigger than House of Cards. Bigger than the Defenders. Bigger than that upcoming Call of Duty Game. Bigger than yo momma’s ass.

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Previously a show for the die-hard indie sci-fi fanatics, Rick and Morty is now as mainstream as coca-cola and white girl memes, which means everyone and their fat-assed momma is talking about it.

The rise of Rick and Morty has, of course, given birth to some pretty wild fan theories about where the show will go. Apparently, we can no longer just watch a show for the sake of it. We have to dig deeper and deeper until we find some secret core — a core that probably doesn’t even exist.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good theory.

But sometimes it’s just way too easy to shift a few things around and point to a couple of pieces of supposed evidence while blindly ignoring a mountain of other facts that actually prove the contrary.

Rick and Morty is not safe from these kinds of theories, and here are some of the most popular ideas circulating the internet that are complete and total bullshit.

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Theory 1 — Rick is a Genius Because of the Mega Seeds

In the pilot, Rick introduces Morty to these powerful fruits called mega seeds. Unable to smuggle them through customs, Morty ends up putting them waaaaay up his butt. Eventually, they turn him super intelligent, briefly, then into a gabbling mess, for a much longer period of time.

This theory states that Rick is actually super smart because he is using mega seeds. That this drink he’s always glugging is actually mega seed juice, or something.

But that’s total bullshit.

In multiple episodes, Rick is away from his drink and access to mega seeds for extreme lengths of time. Including that episode with the car battery and the one where he goes batshit crazy and collapses an intergalactic government. His intelligence never drops as a result of his lack of potential seed drink.

We also know it only short-lived, so he’d have to constantly be topping it up to stay Rick level smart.

There is also the argument that in order to get the seeds in the first place, Rick would have needed to create his interdimensional portal gun to access them. Which would mean he was already smart enough without them.

Theory 2 — Rick Knows He’s in a Cartoon

Rick is famous for breaking the fourth wall…

He’s also has a box that can view every show on TV from every conceivable reality.

This has led some to think that Rick must know he is on a TV show. That he’s seen his own show on his interdimensional cable box, which is why he occasionally chats to the audience. The theory states that he understands his purpose is to entertain, so entertain he does.

But, of course, this is total bullshit.

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Rick is the smartest man in every conceivable reality. Kind of like a fucked up god. Or maybe even actual God? He’s more intelligent than anyone in our reality, and he knows it.

Watching Rick, do you really think he would be content in just living a life to entertain us, the Rick and Morty viewers? No. He’d be out of there and into the real world faster than you flee a planet where everything is on a cob.

If Rick knew he was in a cartoon, he’d already have escaped.

Plus, again we’re sort of cheating, but the creator Justin Roiland basically confirmed this theory as bullshit. Saying that the fourth wall breaking is just them messing around and not supposed to inspire any sort of crazy fan theories…

Good job guys.

Theory 3 — Rick and Morty Are The Same Person

So this one has been floating around for awhile now but picked up a bit of steam when Rick Shank Redemption aired and Rick was revealed to be wearing blue pants. Suspiciously like Morty’s…

There is apparently other evidence for this theory too.

Rick’s wife Diane — who may or may not be real — looks kinda, not really like the gal Morty has a crush on in the Anatomy Park episode. The theory goes that Morty went back for her.

This is a bit of a stretch, to be honest. Morty didn’t seem to have that much of a connection with this girl, not enough to have gone out of his way to find her. But then, their paths could have crossed again. Maybe Rick made Pirates of the Pancreas 2.

Other evidence is apparently this weird amalgamation of a Rick and Morty, and the fact that Rick tells Morty he cannot possibly hide mega seeds up his butt cause they would just slide right outta there. Which is exactly what will happen to Morty if he keeps ramming mega seeds up his ass.

So why is this theory bullshit?

Besides all this contrived nonsense, in the memory from which the biggest part of this theory is founded — the one involving those sweat, sweat pants, we see Rick being visited by a future Rick, in which it is revealed he’ll soon make an interdimensional portal gun.

Yet if Morty were Rick, he’d be well aware of what a portal gun is and what it can do. We then see Rick is about to give up on science before his family are killed, which kinda makes no sense if Morty is actually Rick, as he’s well aware of what he becomes.

Also, would Morty want to build a portal gun and become Rick, knowing full well who is his?

Not our sweet Morty.

If we take this whole scene to be what Rick actually says it is though, a prefabricated origin story, and discount the blue pants and all, there are other things that point to Rick and Morty being individuals.

For one, we see Rick when he’s a teenager as Tiny Rick. He looks like Rick, not Morty.

Rick also needs Morty’s brain waves to disguise himself — which I’m pretty sure they ripped outta futurama? — because they are exact opposites. Even if he aged and changed, surely his brain waves would still be Morty waves?

And, waaaay back In the pilot episode, when Rick and Morty encounter a spider-monster-thing. Rick’s response is —

If he were Morty, he would have seen it before.

Finally, and most conclusively, in season 3, episode 6, before Rick is about to be killed, he implants himself into toxic Rick. He comes out the other side as baby Rick and quickly grows into himself. Just watch the transition —

Does that look like Morty to you?

Theory 4 — Evil Morty is Rick’s Original Morty

This is basically the master theory of Rick and Morty. You’ll find countless examples of people spouting off about how Morty is actually not the Morty from our Rick’s original reality, and in fact, Evil Morty is Rick’s original Morty.

The evidence is this.

In the intro scene for series one, we see Rick leave a Morty for dead.

Evil Morty is clearly trying to lure out C-137 Rick in particular. Perhaps in revenge for being left for dead.

When Rick is held captive, he interacts with a baby Morty, but he didn’t appear in our current Beth’s life for many years after Morty’s birth, which apparently means the Morty we follow now isn’t that Morty, meaning Rick had another Morty…

You guessed it though, this theory is total bullshit.

Let’s address this bit first. That Rick sees baby Morty.

Do you see Beth here? No. Has Beth been proven to be an irresponsible parent? Yes.

As has Jerry. Driving while eating Rum Raisin Ice-cream? For Christ sake Jerry!

It’s entirely possible Morty was left alone, which drew Rick to him. We know he has a soft spot for this particular Morty, despite being less than attached to Summer and everyone else in the universe for that matter.

This biggest problem with this theory though again comes from the creators, but this time it isn’t them casting aside the idea completely, it’s instead in the words they have said about how they make the show.

Previously they’ve stated that you cannot leave clues in shows anymore, because the viewing public is like a hive mind, and they’ll figure it out before you can ever offer a meaningful payoff. Evil Morty being the original C-137 Morty is just far too sign posted to ever be a good reveal in their eyes.

They’ve also stated they’ve spent hours and hours pouring over Evil Morty. Spending way more time on him than any other character. For them to just come out with something so simple would be ridiculous, considering the hours they’ve spent on developing the idea of Evil Morty.

So no, when we finally find out what Evil Morty is up to, he won’t just be Rick’s original Morty, they’ll have made sure it’s something you’d have never seen coming.

That’s it guys. Have we missed any totally bullshit Rick and Morty theories? Let us know!

Thanks for watching.

Looking for more Final Boss video content? We’ve got more on the way real soon! Until then, check out our TV page for more Rick and Morty articles. 

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