Free “Merry Synthmas” Update & a “Year in Review” for Synth Riders!

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Synth Riders devs have a very special gift for you and if you were around last “Synthmas” you will get to enjoy the holiday festivities once again!

Last year Synth Riders team prepared the “Merry Synthmas” seasonal addition to say “thank you” for all the support they have received from you, and to celebrate the amazing Synth Riders community.

Here’s what was added last year and now you can enjoy it again on all platforms with some items only available for a limited time:

🎄 New song, “Carol of Bells” by Dance With The Dead – a synthwave/metal take on the classic carol from the players-favorite artist!

💪Daily Xmas themed Challenges, these can be found atop the leaderboards – the most right tab will get you there!

❄️ Personalized platforms – you can now express your flair in multiplayer lobbies and in solo play with customizable colors and “decals” to decorate the platforms you stand on.

🎅 Winter theme – snow falls all across Spin City as Santa comes to visit its inhabitants, seasonal decorations can be spotted for a limited time!

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👪Native language support for 6 new languages – Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

Check out “Carol of Bells” and the winter theme in action:

Synth Riders – Merry Synthmas Update [Release Trailer]

Our Year In Review – 2022

This year was certainly a very busy one for the team at Kluge! Along with addition of many customization items for you to personalize your walls, orbs, platforms which can be found in settings > colors (many tabs here to explore!) – their year round releases have boosted the total songs available over 100 with more than half being FREE, included in the base gane.

🎉Jan 21: Steam Free Weekend

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🐯Jan 28: Lunar New Year Update – The Room home stage received a playable Arcade Cabinet, Quest custom content improvements & more customizations!

🎻April 14: Lindsey Stirling music pack

🎵April 27: Beatmap Editor – received a major update, available for FREE on Steam.

🥳July 12: 4 year Anniversary Update – 2 FREE songs “On My Way” & “Stardust”

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🏆Sept 1: League of Legends music pack feat. K/DA

🎃Oct 27: Halloween Spooky Update – FREE song “RIOT” by Dance with the Dead

😎Dec 15: Groovin’ Essentials music pack feat. Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic & Starcadian

“We are delighted to see how our Synth Riders family has grown beyond borders and all over the globe, and we are truly grateful for each and every one of you who have joined us on this exciting journey! We wish you all the best this holiday season and a wonderful year ahead for 2023!” – Synth Riders team

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