Could You Survive Lord of the Rings? BossCast Episode #4

The FinalBoss team are back with episode 4 of our new podcast, BossCast. In each edition of the show, a rotating lineup from the...

Jurassic Park Survival Guide: BossCast Episode #6

Its episode 6 of BossCast and the boys are in trouble again. Just a few short weeks after seeing off the fell-beasts, orcs and...

Bonus Podcast Episode #3: All Things Jaws

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The Last of Us 2 Speculation, Snyder Cut and News! BossCast #2

The FinalBoss team are back with our second episode in the revamped podcast format. The BossCast returns with chatter about games, movies, TV and more. This week, we’re joined by another member of the FinalBoss team, Roy! A gaming aficionado and fan of the Playstation lifestyle, Roy’s joined us this week to discuss our feature topic: The Last of Us 2 – expect to hear more from him in future episodes, too!

As always, the BossCast is broken down into three sections. 

In this episode, FinalBoss talk:

  • Our top news picks of the week! 0:11
  • The Last of Us Part 2 and what we want to see 8:36
  • What Sucks this Week: The Zack Snyder Cut 32:48

The BossCast News:

The team take it in turns to cover some of the biggest news points of the week. This week we’re covering a variety of topics including: 

  • Space Force: Steve Carrell stars in a new political-satire comedy that pokes fun at the Trump administration without ever mentioning the big man himself. 
  • Iron Man VR: A VR version of the Iron Man experience is heading to our homes. We discuss what it’ll be like to live like the Marvel legend. 
  • Harley Quinn TV Series: The Harley Quinn TV series recently launched on E4 in the UK. Should you watch it? 
  • PlayStation 5 News: As we barrel towards the release of the Playstation 5, FinalBoss talks about some of the latest details. 

The BossCast Feature: The Last of Us Part 2 

Following a series of delays and leaks, The Last of Us Part 2 is finally set to land on PlayStation as an exclusive title on June 19th. As fans of the previous incarnation, the FinalBoss team is chatting about this upcoming title, looking at everything from technical information and gameplay to what we want to see from this narrative-driven game. 

What Sucks this Week: The Zack Snyder Cut

After a huge fan campaign, Zack Snyder has been given the green light to produce his own version of the Justice League movie. After leaving the project before its official release, it has long been argued that Snyder’s original vision for the film never saw the light of day; much to the annoyance of fans. Promising a more enthralling version of the movie that disappointed so many, in 2021, this ‘Snyder Cut’ of the Justice League will be available on HBO Max. 

In the final segment of the BossCast, the team discuss expectations for the movie, why it’s a shame we ever needed it in the first place, and what our hopes are for its impact on the industry as a whole. We also cover the ‘Ayer Cut’ of Suicide Squad, a movement born from the Snyder Cut revolt. 

If you enjoy the BossCast, be sure to go back and listen to our first episode. In our first BossCast, we chat about The Mandalorian season 2 and what the delay of Tenet could mean for cinema releases in 2020.

Ryan Lipton
Ryan Lipton
Ryan is your local game aficionado. A master button basher with years of dedicated gaming under his belt, he’ll constantly be keeping you up to date with all the latest releases.

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