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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Apex Legends

In its very limited lifespan, Apex Legends has already collected scores of fans and looks set to be one of the most played games of the decade, let alone 2019.

While you may be more concerned about how to win at Apex Legends than knowing every subtle nuance that comes packed into the game, there can be benefits to keeping yourself aware of stuff that other players don’t know about. In this article, we’re looking at things you didn’t know about Apex Legends, some of which will help you improve your game, some of which are just a bit of fun.

Legendaries Give Perks

Apex Legenderies

Getting a legendary item in Apex Legends is always a bonus. From the incredible sniper and shotgun to having a brutally tough shield to break through, finding legendary gear never gets old. But, were you aware there are benefits to legendary items beyond what they say on the tin? Depending on the item, you receive a certain perk for having it equipped. The perks are:

  • Armour: You refill your shields to full up executing an enemy
  • Backpack: When using a health or shield top-up item, they are consumed at twice the speed
  • Helmet: Your cooldowns, such as Lifeline’s health drone, are quicker
  • Knockout Shield: When you go down, you can self-revive.

You Can Hang From Walls

Even most novice players with have noticed you can run up walls and hop over buildings. However, here is something you didn’t know about Apex Legends. If you start the process of jumping over a wall, but let go of your movement key or control stick before you make the leap, you can hang from the wall.

Why would you do this?

Because your camera view will be positioned over the wall, allowing you to scout out areas before making the commitment to go all in. You can’t shoot in the stance, and your head is poking out and exposed, but you can easily let go if spotted, saving you from jumping into a bloodbath.

There is a Loch Ness Easter Egg

Gamer developers really are a bunch of kooky people aren’t they? There is always something strange to be found if you go deep enough into the architecture of a game, and Apex Legends is no different.

In a throwback to the Titanfall games, about the map you’ll find a bunch of toy dinosaurs that can be shot and destroyed. When done so in the correct order, you’ll spawn a Loch Ness monster off the coast. It doesn’t hang about long, but it’s pretty damn impressive to witness and adds an interesting little side quest for people who’ve had enough of shooting people and would rather nail some plushies full of led.

Pathfinder Can Hook Opponents

Hooking yourself around the Apex Legend’s map like Spider-Man is one of Pathfinder’s most endearing traits — that and his brilliant one-liners. But did you know you could use his grapple to pull opponents into you? The grapple itself does no damage, but it can be advantageous in certain situations:

  • You’ve got a shotgun and the jump on them. You can pull them in and splatter their frail little body
  • They are chasing after a low-health ally. Hooking them in can give your squad-mate time to escape
  • You’ve just landed and you are in one of those frantic melee battles. Grappling an enemy can give you a chance to land a good punch, or confuse them.

The Game Was Leaked a Year Ago and Nobody Gave a F***

Here is something we definitely bet you didn’t know about Apex Legends: Details of the game actually emerged a year ago, but nobody paid any attention to them. The title, which has seemingly come out of nowhere and grabbed the attention of 25 million players, was actually deep in development as far back as April 2018. How do we know this? Because somebody leaked the map on Reddit.

People weren’t too bothered about the prospect of a Titanfall Battle Royale game, especially with games like Fortnite and Player Unknown soaking up all the glory. The leak got little-to-no coverage and was ignored by the wider gaming community. Flashforward a year and Apex Legends pretty much promises to be the most successful game of the year.

In a way, we’re glad it happened this way. Apex Legends was a brilliant little surprise released by EA and Respawn. If there had been huge hype around it, the whole magic behind the title would have probably been ruined.

Bloodhound Is General Neutral

When looking at things you didn’t know about Apex Legends, here’s one that may have slipped under the radar. Bloodhound is described as non-binary, which means they are not male or female. Apex Legends is one a very few games to include this kind of LGQTQ+ diversity. It’s an interesting inclusion, and makes total sense when you really consider the character. Everything from voice to body type is completely non-identifying of gender.

Breaking Off During a Jump Boosts Speed

As we come to the end of this list of things you didn’t know about Apex Legends, we thought it best to leave you on something practical and helpful. So here it is.

During the drop process as the start of the game, you’ll find that you can increase your speed by breaking off from your team and flying solo. This is because when you break away, you get a boost forwards, allowing you to land slightly earlier.

Splitting up from your squad may not sound like a great idea, but it can be useful. Not only does it allow you to hit the ground faster and get loot together before others, but it can be useful from holding strategic points in highly-contested areas.

Looking for more gaming articles? Maybe you want to check out some movie content or TV insights instead? FinalBoss has you covered!

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