Westworld New Series Talking Points: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

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The first season of HBO’s Westworld certainly captures a lot of audiences, climbing to the top of rating charts as one of the most popular shows in 2016 and 17.

The science fiction genre show discusses a burning question that is fairly relevant to today’s world, what type of relationship will machines and people have? Will machines eventually end up destroying their creators? The first season just touched upon these questions. If you watched the first season, then like us, you probably have a lot of questions regarding what is to come in Westworld’s new series.

So far we’ve only heard little bits and pieces about the new season. HBO have managed to keep this one under lock and key. Still, there are a few talking points worth bringing up, that point to a few things we can expect from the new Westworld series:

Westworld’s New Series Trailer

With April right around the corner, we are all excited for the premiere of the second season. If you are a fan, then we are certain you have already seen the new series of Westworld’s debut trailer.

Thankfully, it doesn’t reveal too much, but gives you a glimpse of what is to come.

What will grab you is some familiar faces — and other not so familiar ones too. A lot of the cast will be returning from fan favourites Clifton Collins, Jr and Ed Harris (Lawrence and William) to Evan Rachel Woods and Thandie Newton (Dolores and Maeve).

You will also notice a whole bunch of new characters played by Betty Gabriel, Fares Fares, Gustaf Skarsgard, amongst many others. It isn’t certain exactly what role these new characters will play, but it does tell us there will be plenty of new stories alongside recurring threads.

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Will We See More of Anthony Hopkins?

Hopkins was an integral part of the first season and his exceptional acting was definitely a plus.

Writer Jonathan Nolan, when asked whether Hopkins would return or not in Westworld’s new series, did not give a straight answer. He simply praised Hopkins for his wonderful work in the first season. He did, however, also mention that we shouldn’t assume anything as far as Hopkins is concerned, so the element of surprise is there as we hope to see Hopkins come back and enchant us once again.

Theories suggest that Hopkins will return, either in human form or a host version of himself.

A Glimpse of Other Worlds?

Again, details are sparse at this point, but we have been given a few glimpses of what we can expect in the second season as far as the worlds go. The show will mainly be set in the western world, of course, although we have been teased with some info about other worlds.

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In the first season, you got to see a bit of the “Samurai World.” While Nolan has emphasised that the western world will still be the main focus of the show, we do know others will come into play as the series progresses. We also know that Westworld is one of six parks, with Samurai World likely becoming the next destination visited on our journey to discover each one.

Are The Hosts Going to Take Over?

The Delos automata can be seen in the Westworld’s Super Bowl spotlight, showing an interest in not just taking over the park but possibly adapting the real world to their liking.

Dolores can be heard talking about the world being a lie, which deserves to die. The voiceover is played over images of chaos and bots looking as if they are waging war. So we can expect to see an escalation in the conflict between the AI and humans with a possible global take over by the robots.

It appears Dolores won’t be satisfied with the lie she’s been placed within.

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What Will Happen Next? All Will be Revealed Soon!

Westworld’s new series is set to premiere this April.

One thing is certain, we can expect to see a lot of chaos (and violent delights) with Nolan promising even more violence in the upcoming season. Season 2 of Westworld looks set to push the boundaries of AI and human relationship; now it can no longer rely on the previous plot thread of potential sentience.

The trailers certainly have us excited and counting the days down until the premiere. We are certain that you are too. But ask yourself, how much do you actually remember of series one? A complex plot, over a year old, you may want to brush up on your Westworld and watch the first season again in preparation of the second one.

We certainly will!

This article was brought to you by the folks at SeatUp. For more Westworld content, keep an eye on our TV page this April.


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