Where Does Baby Yoda Come From? What Species is Yoda?

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The Mandalorian crashed onto Disney+ in 2019, fast-becoming one of the most popular TV series of the year. There is a lot to like about this new Star Wars series, from Pedro Pascal’s performance as the Mandalorian himself to the amazing and nostalgic aesthetic. 

But what really captured the hearts and minds of fans though, is Baby Yoda. 

We all love Baby Yoda. So much so that our recent look at the best Baby Yoda gifts has exploded in popularity, and ever since his appearance in episode one of The Mandalorian, we’ve been dying to know more.

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Despite cropping up in every episode, and giving birth to countless Baby Yoda memes, we still know relatively little about the character. We don’t know how he ended up where he did, or why. We only really know that he’s got some force powers, and that he looks adorable drinking a space cuppa!

But does that mean we’re totally in the dark? Baby Yoda doesn’t actually have a name. He’s referred to as ‘The Child’ in The Mandalorian, but we’ve all taken to calling him Baby Yoda, because, of course, he bears a striking resemblance to the old Jedi master. Given that he’s obviously the same species as Yoda, can we decipher anything about this character from what we already know?

The sad answer is, not really. 

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Where Does Baby Yoda Come From?

Baby Yoda & Yoda’s species has a specific name, as confirmed by the show’s creators, but we don’t know it yet. In Star Wars lore, Yoda’s species and origins remain shrouded in mystery — this is intentional and created by design to exemplify the power of Yoda. He is not just an ordinary being, he is something more. While many different novels, comics and spinoffs have explored the stories of almost every major (and even minor) Star Wars character in George Lucas’ universe, Yoda has retained his secrecy. 

All we know about Baby Yoda is this:

  • Baby Yoda is male — as confirmed by the Imperial scientist in episode 3
  • The ‘Yoda’ species is clearly attuned to the force, able the control it from infancy without apparent training 
  • He ages very slowly. Although, given that Yoda is 900 years old in Star Wars, the species likely accelerates the ageing process after puberty, otherwise the timeframes don’t add up
  • Female Yoda’s do exist — the only other Yoda species in Star Wars canon (Yaddle) is a Jedi master on the Jedi council, and is female. 


What Species is Baby Yoda?

We have no idea. Clearly, there is a species that exists, as he is the third incarnation we’ve seen. They also seem to have very similar biology, given that all three have been powerful force users. And, given the other two were Jedi and Baby Yoda seems to have a certain awareness of right and wrong, are inclined towards the light side of the force. 

Other than that, we don’t know anything. We do not know of his home planet or how Yoda’s reproduce. We don’t know where Baby Yoda comes from or what has brought him to appear in The Mandalorian, other than he’s clearly a very interesting child.

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It is certain that we’ll explore more of this species and the origins of Baby Yoda as the series unravels, especially now the Mandalorian has been tasked with returning him home. Where will that home be, if it exists at all?

We’ll find out eventually…


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