10 Upcoming games for next-gen that we don’t hear about

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We keep hearing about the same big triple-A’s to come. And yet, among these are some little gems that are not discussed.

At FinalBoss, we’re here for you. We’ve prepared a list of 10 Upcoming games for next-gen consoles and PC that are worth checking out but that we hear very little about, without further ado.

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. Let’s get started!

Hell is us

Since its announcement, Hell Is Us has been relatively discreet but which should still see the light of day during 2023. Hell is Us has been quickly noticed for its uncommon beauty, thanks to the Unreal Engine 5. It’s a first-person action-adventure game that will have you roam a semi-open world to find answers to your questions. 

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The game will leave room for discovery and exploration, with no map or quest indicator in the title. If you liked that in Elden Ring, you should enjoy it in Hell is Us.

In addition to the civil war that divides the country, the region is suffering from an enigmatic calamity that causes supernatural creatures that no modern weapon can defeat. 

With your sword from another age and your drone as your best ally, you will have to fight through this land infested with terrifying chimaeras; and unravel the mystery of their presence in the region.

Hell is Us release date is scheduled for 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Unknown9: Awakening

Unknown9: Awakening is a third-person action-adventure game announced during the opening night of Gamescom 2020. Suffice to say, it’s starting to come up, and it’s being developed by Reflektor Entertainment Studios, unveiling their first game here that could prove interesting.

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It was supposed to come out in 2021 but didn’t see the light of day. This heavily narrative-driven game will feature Aruna, a young damsel raised on the streets of Calcutta, India, who is haunted by visions of her own death. With the help of mysterious abilities that allow her to control the unseen, she will quickly learn to use them with the help of her mentor. The young lady will serve the mysteries of a parallel universe to which she has access, the River. 

Keep it in mind if you’re ever interested in this game.

Unknown9: Awakening does not have yet a release date but we’ll have to hear about it sooner or later.

Layers of fears

Layers of Fears is a horrific game developed on Unreal Engine 5, which promises a sumptuous game. It’s the only horror game on the list, but it has quite a background since it’s the third game of the Layers of Fear license. Well, the third game? Not really, as it will be a rehash of the first two titles in the license while adding a new story and new content, so you can really rediscover them.

If you like psychological horror, you should find your happiness with this game if it follows the path of its colleagues. I’m not a fan of this kind of title. As I loved their universe and their story, I can’t wait to try this reboot on our home consoles.

Layers of Fears release date is planned for 1st Half of 2023

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Stellar Blade

This game was announced in 2019 and formerly known as Project EVE, which finally showed itself in a new light in 2022 during the State of Play, becoming Stellar Blade

This title, which would be available only on PS5, is announced as a game similar to the gameplay, at least to Bayonetta or Near and will make you evolve between beat-them-all and boss fights. It’s a rather demanding game, and you’ll have to learn the combos on your fingertips to easily defeat your enemies, whoever they are.

As for its story, you play as Eve, who arrives on Earth and meets Adam, a survivor of the last Earth city. 

With the help of her allies, she will have to save the planet and build powerful alliances to understand what is going on.

Stellar Blade release date is scheduled for 2023 as an exclusivity on PlayStation 5

WUCHANG: Fallen feathers

WUCHANG: Fallen feathers is a Soul-like game that will be released by 2024 on New Gen and PC. It’s going to be a blast visually. Via an 18-minute gameplay video unveiled last year, we discovered the rather verdant world of this action RPG that featured the protagonist we’ll be playing during battles against enemy forces. 

The title will take place during the last years of the Ming dynasty, so in the 1600s, making us jump back in time.

Feel free to watch the 18 minutes of gameplay of the title to make you drool and wait until its release.

As you will have understood, for the moment, its release is not scheduled for tomorrow or even for 2023 since, as I said before, it will not see the light of the day before 2024.

The lords of the fallen

It’s hard to differentiate between this title and its predecessor, given The Lord of the Fallen is the sequel to Lord of the Fallen; this action RPG was released in 2014 and received a glowing reception.

For now, we just had a trailer we could discover at Gamescom last August, but as soon as it was announced, it was gone. So we decided to add this game to the list, as it should be remembered as it will be released next year, in 2023.

You can play alone or with others and must explore a vast world to try to overthrow ADIR using the help of your weapons, armour and spells that you can fully customize. I never tried the first one, but with the arrival of this sequel, I might be seduced.

The Lords of the Fallen is in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Release date is scheduled for 2023

Miasma Chronicles

Another title scheduled for 2023 without a precise date. Miasma Chronicles is a game taking place in the near future in the heart of America when the latter has been ravaged by a savage and unknown force called Miasma.

Hence the title of this turn-based combat strategy game. You will accompany two brothers that you will meet in a mining town and will have to help them in their quest, the latter aiming at finding answers that could potentially change the course of the world. If you are interested in this title, don’t hesitate to add it to your list of games to watch. Only a little information has been released about this Miasma Chronicles.

Miasma Chronicles is set to be released in 2023

Ark 2

Unlike the first one, with an entirely anecdotal storyline, this Ark 2 may offer a more exciting story with more prominent protagonists, and Vin Diesel is brought in to play Santiago, a computer expert. 

The game was announced long ago, and we have a release window set for 2023.

ARK 2 will be played in third-person perspective and will have heavy skill-based, Souls-like action, an innovative direction rarely experienced  in a PVP based survival game.

But what’s for sure is that in this second iteration, you will find everything that made the first Ark so successful, namely a sandbox in which you create your own experience, all sprinkled with a storyline that hopefully won’t be anecdotal, as I’ve already said, and will offer even more hours of play well against us.

Any sandbox doesn’t really have an ending and can be played for hundreds and hundreds of hours, which was my case on Ark 1.

So I can’t wait to learn more about it and finally get my hands on it. But when we don’t know it yet.

Wild Hearts

Scheduled for February 16. Wild Hearts, developed by Electronic Arts, is a hunting game that will inevitably make you think about Monster Hunter. Hunting game. Why am I saying that? Because this title will ask you to fight/hunt fearsome creatures that have merged with nature, making them more than devastating (hello, Horizon).

You will have the opportunity to try these confrontations solo if you have the soul of a loner or if you feel like it, you can also experience this adventure with others, the title being playable in cooperation.

As for the graphics, Wild Hearts is far from revolutionary, but the developers still announce that they want to revisit the genre codes. 

Faith of Danschant: Hereafter

Faith of Danschant: Hereafter is the sequel to the eponymous game released in 2017. It is an action RPG inspired by Chinese mythology. Its first iteration was a turn-based game, with its sequel Faith of Danschant: Hereafter; Gone is turn-based and welcome to a much more focused action game.

The gameplay of the title was revealed during a twelve-minute video. This video shows a dark and mysterious universe. As for the scenario, we only know a little, if anything, but the gameplay revealed is quite telling and will tell you if this game planned for PC and next-generation consoles is for you or not.

And if it’s the case, we will have to wait to play it. To date, no release date has been announced.


There are so many amazing games on the horizon. We can’t wait for them, and we know that you can’t either. So here’s the list of titles you should keep an eye on—we’ll let you know when they’re coming out, and if any stand out to you, add them to your watchlist!

Feel free to share this article if enjoyed it. 

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  1. Don’t forget just about every single current gen Xbox game announced to date, especially the ones from 2020.
    Its almost as if there is a weaker console holding back development and Phil and Xbox are terrified to show off any mediocre “next gen” screenshots of these games lol.

    I mean, they have so much to prove. They can’t CONTINUE to screw up in this area. Where are the games industry changing games Phil that you promised in 2014?


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