Top Upcoming Turn-Based Games of 2022-2023

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One of the great things about being a gamer in the twenty-first century is that there are always new titles to look forward to. We keep a close eye on upcoming Top Turn-based strategy games releases, thanks to Turn Based Lovers, and when a game catches our eye, we follow it well before launch. Of course, we always share our findings with you – after all, games are best when enjoyed with others!

Which games releasing in the next few months are we most excited about? Read on to discover our top upcoming games for the remainder of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 – it’s going to be an excellent time for gaming!

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope

The original Mario + Rabbids crossover title was a surprise hit, letting tactical players enjoy the Mushroom Kingdom. Re-imagining classic Mario elements like pipes, blocks, and coins as battlefield terrain while giving iconic characters XCOM-style loadouts was a recipe for success, and the sequel Sparks Of Hope will build on this formula.

Much of the original game’s roster is returning, and some new faces will also be playable – including Bowser himself! If you haven’t already played Mario + RabbidsKingdom Battle or are looking for a reason to play through it again, now is a great time to do so before Sparks Of Hope launches on 20th October on Nintendo Switch.

top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 Switch

Wishlist Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope on Switch

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon certainly needs no introduction, and the next pair of twin games in the main series promises to be one of the biggest monster-catching adventures yet! Hype for Scarlet and Violet continues to grow as new details emerge. From the mysterious professors Sada and Turo to new creatures like Lechonk and Wiglett, every piece of information that reaches the internet only makes fans more enthusiastic.

The new games are expected to have a more open world than previous titles, likely inspired by Pokemon Legends: Arceus but maintaining a more traditional gameplay style. There are rumours that the two versions will have more differences than any prior pair. 

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We’ll find out if that’s accurate when the games launch on 18th November!

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 Nintendo Switch

Wishlist Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on Switch

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The developers behind the legendary XCOM franchise are bringing their signature style of tactical gameplay to the Marvel universe! Stepping into the role of the Hunter, a brand-new Marvel superhero, players will recruit and command iconic characters to battle a cosmic threat in turn-based battles created by the masters of the genre.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns feature a deck-building mechanic that allows players to customize their team. Each hero’s unique set of available cards can be mixed and matched to create devastating combos. Clear your schedule for 2nd December because you’ll want plenty of free time to play when this game launches!

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC Nintendo Switch Playstation

Wishlist Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Steam

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Wishlist Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Switch

Wishlist Marvel’s Midnight Suns on PlayStation

Tactics Ogre Reborn

Tactics Ogre is held up alongside Final Fantasy Tactics as one of the most important turn-based RPGs of all time. Both titles have spawned countless imitators, but few have lived up to the originals’ legendary status. While Final Fantasy Tactics received a few sequels over the years, Tactics Ogre has mainly remained dormant.

That changes on 11th November, with the release of Tactics Ogre Reborn, an improved original remake. With an updated presentation and new gameplay elements to challenge returning players, this is an opportunity for a new generation to experience one of the greats. Maybe – just maybe – a successful launch will convince Square Enix to finally grace us with a proper sequel?

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Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC Nintendo Switch Playstation

Wishlist Tactics Ogre: Reborn on Steam

Wishlist Tactics Ogre Reborn on Switch

Wishlist Tactics Ogre Reborn on PlayStation

Front Mission 1st Remake

The Front Mission series is a mecha classic. While audiences outside of Japan didn’t generally have many opportunities to enjoy the franchise when it first launched, the upcoming Front Mission 1st seeks to rectify that. This title combines the first two Front Mission games, initially for the Super Famicom, fully remastered for modern players.

If stomping mechs across near-future battlefields is your jam, then you won’t want to miss out on Front Mission 1st. It’s got plenty of tactical action across two full campaigns, and the characters’ personal stories give players a reason to be invested in the sci-fi conflict. 

An exact date hasn’t yet been set, but Front Mission 1st is expected to launch in November.

Wishlist Front Mission 1st Remake on Switch

Master of Magic

Updates and remasters are one thing, but a complete remake of a classic game has the potential to be a masterpiece. When the classic in question is as revered as 1994’s Master Of Magic, expectations are high – and so far, it looks like those expectations could very well be met.

The original game placed players in the role of a wizard, expanding their influence over the world by learning new spells, raising armies, and battling other wizards. With modern game design and presentation, the new Master Of Magic could be the biggest 4X game in years. 

Releasing on 13th December, it’s the perfect holiday gift for any strategy gamer.

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC

Wishlist Master Of Magic on Steam

Sunday Gold

Part point-and-click adventure, part RPG, Sunday Gold is a dystopian crime drama with a distinct comic-book style. Players will direct three characters simultaneously, using their unique skills to solve puzzles and bash heads as they seek to expose the wrongdoings of a powerful billionaire.

Between solving puzzles and surviving tense turn-based battles, players will have ample opportunity to give their brains a workout in Sunday Gold. The snappy dialogue and lovable-but-flawed characters are the icings on the cake, so be sure to try it when the game launches on 13th of October.

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC

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Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

The oppressive galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 is a perfect setting for a deep, Divinity-style CRPG, and that’s just what Owlcat Games is delivering with Rogue Trader. The developers behind the Pathfinder adaptations tackle one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, allowing players to explore and leave their mark in the grim darkness of the far future.

Rogue Trader was only announced somewhat recently, so it will likely be some time before we have more detailed information. Suffice it to say that the setting’s iconic aliens, weaponry, and exotic locations will all be present and that we’ll be following the game closely in the lead-up to launch.

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Official Website

Spellforce: Conquest of Eo

The Spellforce games are something of a cult classic, blending RPG and RTS elements to give players a high level of control over their journey and its impact on the world. In the upcoming Conquest Of Eo, the Spellforce universe is given the turn-based 4X treatment!

Conquest Of Eo will feature both map exploration and tactical battles, making it akin to Heroes Of Might And Magic or perhaps Endless Legend. The series’ focus on character levelling remains intact, and players must learn new spells and craft everything from minions to artefacts to keep up with their opponents. This is definitely a title to watch, though no release date has yet been announced.

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC

Wishlist Spellforce: Conquest Of Eo on Steam

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler became a modern classic almost immediately upon its release in 2018. With eight converging storylines and a retro-inspired style, it’s one of the most successful JRPGs in recent memory. With the release of a prequel, Champions Of The Continent, earlier this year, it’s no surprise that Square Enix has just announced a sequel.

Details are scarce for the moment, but it seems like the game is nearly finished; the official release date is 24th February, 2023. Now is the time to play Champions and the original game to prepare for the sequel!

Top turn based strategy games 2022 2023 PC

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Wishlist Octopath Traveler on Switch

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