Breaking the Line of Real and Virtual Worlds with AR and VR

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What is AR and VR?

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are two faces of a single coin. However, with their introduction into the world, the way people experience technology has taken a significant jump. To understand what this jump is and how VR and AR are affecting and changing the world, let’s start by knowing what they are.

You may have come across these terms- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. And maybe, know a few things from here and there. But to understand them deeply, let’s dig into them individually.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality means a reality that’s been created virtually. It utilizes various gears and consoles to send a person into the virtual world. For example, HTC VIVE, PSVR, Oculus Quest are some of the most popular VR console brands offering VR gears. So, what is included in the VR gear?

  • Headmount
  • Remote controller
  • HD camera
  • Headphones

This is a standard set of VR gaming console. Other than these, several high-tech types of equipment are available that offer different level of gaming experience and are utilized in various other tasks. Following are the most high-tech versions of VR equipment available in the market.

  • VR gloves
    It offers you fine control over your hand movements within the game. It is often used to train surgeons and doctors and help train for surgeries.
  • VR suit
    It is a full-body wearable gadget that helps you move your player within the game effectively. It gives you precise control over your character’s body movements. For example, Tesla bodysuit.
  • VR shoes
    VR shoes help you effectively control your characters’ movements in the game. Traditionally gaming asks you to sit in a place and play the game, but with the help of VR shoes, you need to move around to move your character.
  • VR Omni-treadmill
    VR Omni-treadmill is a multi-directional treadmill that allows you to control the agility of your player. It is widely used in military training.
  • VR face mask
    VR face mask is a new technology that is still under development. But the prototypes allowed you to feel the breeze of the game and gave you various mixtures of smell based on the game’s scenario.

These are the most popular and high-tech VR gears available in the market. Many escape rooms in Denver provide various new technologies for players, but among these, gears such as masks and suits are not available for the general public.

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Augmented Reality

Integrating game visual and audio elements with the user’s environment in real-time is known as augmented reality gaming (AR gaming).

Unlike virtual reality gaming, which frequently necessitates the use of a separate room or constrained space to create an immersive atmosphere, augmented reality gaming makes use of the current environment to create a playing field within it.

While virtual reality games necessitate the usage of specialist VR goggles, augmented reality devices do not. They use smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems.

  • A user’s actual environment is commonly superimposed on a pre-created scene in an augmented reality game.
  • The game can be as simple as a table-top game of virtual checkers.
  • More complex AR can create an environment based on the user’s surroundings. In-game characters, for example, climb from coffee tables to sofas on virtual bridges.
  • In-game development, environment building is a time-consuming operation, and there is a constant desire for new scenery once a user has fully explored a setting.
  • AR gaming broadens the playing field by utilizing a variety of real-world environments to keep games fresh.

How AR and VR are changing the world?

Other than gaming VR and AR are widely used in following places:

Diagnostic and health

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  • Virtual Reality can help facilitate a better physician-patient relationship in in-person visits and telehealth interactions over an internet connection.
  • AR helps during in-person visits. Doctors can more thoroughly explain a diagnosis by examining X-rays and other medical imaging engagingly directly with the patient using AR/VR technology.
  • By leveraging AR and VR tech, physicians can better explain a medical issue interactive, easier-to-understand manner.

Bringing families together

  • AR and VR are gadgets that are similar to the earlier times telephone. These devices will allow families from far away to see and talk to each other.
  • With the help of VR, they can interact and enjoy gaming with each other. And with the help of AR, they can converse and share files and memories.

Information becomes a commodity.

  • Judging from the past till present-day development in VR and AR is significant. Therefore, it is okay to assume that these technologies will assist in the faster and more efficient transfer of information in the future.
  • VR already has several games that allow people from different places to gather in a virtual place and organize meetings, get-togethers, events, and other social or private gatherings.
  • With online gatherings, the transfer of information, stats, and graphs become easy. Whereas AR equipment, such as Google smart glasses, can access the internet and present the data in front of your eye with a simple voice command.

Teaching and live information

  • Even today, VR is widely used in various industries to teach and train new employees and staff. This is because VR can help understand every element in a detailed way. Whereas in AR, you can view the description of a specific product live in the real world.
  • These features will help in better learning and understanding for the staff. Even in schools, these technologies can help make the real change in the education system and make learning a more enjoyable process.

Online shopping

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  • AR and VR can help make an online purchase; many people feel skeptical about purchasing a fashion product and would love to try various products to see which product will fit their body the best.
  • Many online businesses have started to use AR/VR technology to improve the user experience.


AR and VR are a perfect pair of technology that will revolutionize the world. Among all the types of VR or AR gadgets, gaming is the best way to gain experience. Its implementation in gaming the whole gaming experience has improved significantly.

If you want to try VR or AR, you can start with gaming. You can easily access a VR by visiting a VR escape room in Denver and playing VR escape room games. You already have experienced AR gaming when you open Instagram or Snapchat’s camera and try all those funny filters.

These are the simplest way to experience VR and AR technology that will shape the future.


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