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Comic-Con Preview | Evans & Gosling Team-Up | + More News

Welcome to the TV and movie edition of our weekly round-ups. In this FinalBoss feature, we’ll bring you bitesize chunks of the latest news from the movie and TV worlds. This week we’ll take a look at what’s planned for Comic-Con, talk Tenet again, round-up some of the recent casting news, including the teaming up of Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, and take a look at what’s hot at the UK box office.

The News This Week 

Comic-Con Preview

This weekend will see San Diego Comic-Con take place. The coronavirus pandemic has prevented in its normal form but like many other things these days, it’s happening virtually and been dubbed [email protected]

Panels will be streamed for free and among the highlights –

  • Star Trek fans are in for a treat as various shows collide in the Star Trek Universe panel on Thursday. Cast and crew from Discovery, Lower Decks and Pickard will be performing table reads and taking part in Q and A’s. 

Star Trek Discovery

  • Find out all the latest from long-running animated shows American Dad (Saturday), Bob’s Burgers (Friday), Family Guy (Saturday) and The Simpsons (Saturday).
  • The Walking Dead will have a big presence at Comic-Con. The main show has a panel on Friday which is expected to reveal when the season 10 finale will air and then preview season 11. Also on Friday, the cast of Fear The Walking Dead will be on hand to look ahead to the shows sixth season.
  • Cast and crew from His Dark Materials will look back a season 1 and then preview the second season on Thursday.
  • Amazon Prime will feature several shows at Comic-Con with panels on Thursday for The Boys and Upload, both of which have second seasons upcoming. Also on Thursday, they’ll preview new thriller Utopia, from writer Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), starring Sasha Lane and John Cusack. Finally from Amazon is a panel on new horror-comedy Truth Seekers, which reunites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
  • Nathan Fillion fan? Isn’t everyone? The Firefly star will be in conversation about his career with The Rookie showrunner Alex Hawley on Sunday.

Nathan Fill


The release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has become the saga of the summer. Whilst everything around it was rescheduling Tenet clung on to it’s mid-July release date. It was then delayed until late July, and then again to mid-August. Now Warner Bros have pulled it completely, and for now, at least, it is without a release date. WB says they will announce something soon and hinted that it may not have a global release. This opens up the possibility of a European and/or Asian release before North America depending on the pandemic.

Cast and Crew News

  • The Russo brothers will direct Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man for Netflix. The stars will play rival assassins with Evans character hunting Gosling’s across the world. It’s an adaptation of a novel by Mark Greaney and described as being similar in tone to The Winter Soldier, but in a real-world setting. If the movie does well there is potential to launch a franchise.

Movie news - The Russo brothers will direct The Gray Man

  • Also at Netflix, Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts will star in Leave The World Behind which sees a planned idyllic holiday disrupted by a blackout.
  • There is much secrecy around M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie, which is due in a years time. One thing we do know, Gael Garcia Bernal has joined the cast.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson will voice roles in a new animated series called Futha Mucka. It will air on streaming service Quibi and be a parody of the actors’ real lives.
  • Margot Bingham is joining the cast of The Walking Dead for the shows 11th season. She has already provided the voice of Stephanie, who Eugene has been communicating with, but AMC hasn’t confirmed if she will be in the same role.

TV News - Margot Bingham joins The Walking Dead

UK Box Office 

Cinemas continue to open slowly around the UK. No changes to the top 5 movies, though the top 2 have swapped places, with Onward back at number 1.

  1. Onward
  2. The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Trolls World Tour
  4. Black Water: Abyss
  5. Dirty Dancing


The lack of new releases means cinemas continue to fill their schedules with classics. If you missed an all-time favourite first time around, this might be your chance!

One Comic-Con panel we didn’t mention above is The New Mutants, the next major superhero movie. That is happening on Thursday, and they’ve already released another teaser.. 

Check back next week for more of the latest news and, in the meantime, we have plenty of other TV and movie content for you to read!

Shaun Dearling
Shaun Dearling
Shaun is FinalBoss' most prolific cinephile. If he hasn't seen it, it ain't worth watching. You'll find him writing about everything from blowout blockbusters to small-screen splendours as he waits impatiently for Lord of the Rings to be released by Amazon. Catch up with Shaun and see what he's been watching on

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