As massive fans of the Merc with the Mouth, we’ve been waiting for Deadpool 2 with baited breath ever since the hints from the ending credits of the original. The promised addition of Cable, one of the most badass X-men of all time, made the wait even more unbearable.

Although quite unorthodox, the addition of the crass, sarcastic, and adult-themed Deadpool movies to the Marvel franchise has indeed shown that true to comic movies can be highly rated and enjoyed without trying to appeal to the biggest audience possible.

The first Deadpool film was a true to ink depiction of the character pulled off by loving and devoted fans. Because of this, we had trepidations whether the second could follow suit.

And Josh Brolin playing two Marvel characters?

Did Deadpool 2 Work?

Deadpool One showed the insanity of the invincibility. A satire or other superheroes having no vulnerability and as such making Deadpool fully capable of running into a hail of bullets, taking on 100 bad guys, and even dismembering himself. Given the success of the first, it would have been very easy for the creators to rehash the entire thing for cheap points, but they didn’t.

Deadpool 2 takes a very different direction, playing on the emotions of the character, starting off with tragedy and bringing through a redemption story. What do you do when you have nothing to live for but can’t die?

This increased focus on story and meaning and less on action (although there is still tons of action) carries on with the two new main characters introduced in this film. Cable, played by Josh Brolin, and Firefist, played by emerging kiwi star Julian Dennison of “Hunt for the Wilder People” fame.

Each is excellent in their part playing their character’s total desperation. Cable would do anything to save his family even if it means travelling through time and murdering children. Firefist at his absolute limit against a system against him. It’s odd to think that the Marvel film that has more fourth wall breaks than Ferris Bueller is somehow the most realistic.

Deadpool 2 works because it isn’t a clone of the first. It is it’s own entity. It did exactly what the first film did to produce a movie everyone loved: It gave us something different, something we were not expecting.

Deadpool 2 Is All About The Characters

If you go to any high school in the real world, you’ll find teenagers swearing, taking the piss out of each other, and doing Bart Simpson impressions. Somehow, Deadpool is the only Marvel film to realise this and is chocked full of pop-culture references and real-world reactions. When police confront Firefist, he tells them to fuck off. Scott Summers wouldn’t do that. There are also mutants that are bad at being superheroes. Something we’ve never seen before.

Every character is shown to have both good and bad aspects to them. They choose their allegiance based on who has been the nicest to them rather than who is supposed to be good and who is supposed to be evil. It is a refreshing change to the rinse and repeat superhero movies that are all too familiar. People have personal reasons to fight rather than it just being morally right.

Well… Not Just The Characters

Don’t let us fool you into thinking this is all about emotion, hope, redemption and love. There are also tons of inappropriate jokes, crazy action and CGI fight scenes. Deadpool 2 expands on the world it built for itself in its first outing showing more of Deadpool’s mercenary work, more jibing at the actual x-men, and more killer tracks ranging all the way from Dolly Parton to Skrillex. Deadpool loves Skrillex.

Is Deadpool 2 Better Than The First?

Deadpool 2 is a real success as it’s got huge fans behind the wheel, but ones with enough sense and knowledge to know what makes a great movie.

They’ve taken aspects of the Marvel universe that they didn’t think were given justice before and brought them to life in the awesomeness that they should have been initially. They’ve also realised that a pure move from page to screen wouldn’t work and so have grabbed the best bits, often merging them to create a film or everyone. If you liked the first Deadpool or want to see what the world would actually be like with mutants, then you need to see Deadpool 2.

Is it better than the first?

It will entirely depend on your tastes. In terms of quality, these movies are on par. In terms of style and themes, there are some dramatic differences. You’ll just have to watch it, and judge for yourself!


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