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Fallout TV Show | Mad Max: Furiosa | + More News

Welcome to the TV and movie edition of our weekly round-ups. In this FinalBoss feature, we’ll bring you bitesize chunks of the latest news from the movie and TV worlds. It will all in be in one place, allowing you to catch up on anything you’ve missed without endless searching!  For the first time in this column, we get to look at what’s hot at the box office as cinemas start to return.

The News

Fallout To Get TV Show


Amazon and Bethesda Games this week announced that video game series Fallout is to become a live-action TV show. The post-apocalyptic survival game is set in an alternate timeline where nuclear power is the main fuel resource. Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will be shepherding the series with Todd Howard from Bethesda acting as executive producer.

LOTR To Start Filming

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series edged a little closer this week as one of several productions which have gained permission for cast and crew to enter New Zealand to allow filming to resume. Work on the series had already started when the pandemic hit so many of those involved remained in New Zealand, now the rest can return. Hopefully, we will see it on screen in 2021. Plot details are still scarce so we’ve made some predictions about what they might do.

Theron Out As Furiosa

Movie News: Furiosa

In a piece of non-casting news, Charlize Theron will not be returning to the role of Furiosa in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road prequel. Fury Road is one of the most popular action films of recent times and Miller has been planning a new movie focussing on Furiosa’s younger days. Miller told the New York Times that at one stage Theron might have played the role again using de-ageing technology but he’s now decided the tech isn’t good enough yet. He’ll be looking for a new actress to take on the role for Mad Max: Furiosa. No pressure then.

Away Teaser Released

Netflix has a new sci-fi show titled Away which is set to debut in the autumn. Hilary Swank will be leading the first mission to Mars, but faces the difficulty of leaving her family behind.

Cast And Crew News

  • John Boyega and Felicity Jones will star in IRA thriller Borderland. The former Star Wars stars will be joined by Jack Reynor and Jodie Turner-Smith.

Movie News: John Boyega

  • Last week we mentioned David Leitch will direct Bullet Train, a movie about rival assassins on a Tokyo train. That movie now has a star: Brad Pitt. Pitt will play a hitman called Ladybug.
  • Vince Vaughan and Paal Walter Hauser have signed up for Queenpins,  a comedy centred on a counterfeit coupon scam. They’ll join the already announced Kristen Bell and Leslie Jones.
  • Jude Law seems set to play Hook in Peter Pan and Wendy. Yes, that’s another Disney live-action version of one of their classics. The character was previously played on screen by Dustin Hoffman in Steven Spielberg’s Hook so Law has big shoes to fill.

UK Box Office 

Last weekend saw some UK cinemas open their doors for the first time in over three months. They were showing a mix of those films that were playing pre-lockdown and classics. On a quiet weekend at the box office, here’s the top 5

  1. Onward
  2. Trolls World Tour
  3. Bad Boys For Life
  4. The Greatest Showman
  5. 1917


There are a whole load of superhero movies due in the next few years, with dates changing all the time, check out our guide to what’s out when.

This weeks featured trailer is Ava, an action movie due in September featuring Jessica Chastain, Common, Colin Farrell and John Malkovich

Check back next week for more of the latest news and keep an eye out for our gaming and tech round-ups.

In the meantime, we have plenty of other TV and movie content for you to read!

Shaun Dearling
Shaun Dearling
Shaun is FinalBoss' most prolific cinephile. If he hasn't seen it, it ain't worth watching. You'll find him writing about everything from blowout blockbusters to small-screen splendours as he waits impatiently for Lord of the Rings to be released by Amazon. Catch up with Shaun and see what he's been watching on

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