How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

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The year was 2001 when the first Harry Potter video game came to light, allowing the fans worldwide to join in on the fun of the Wizarding World. Although not as elaborate as the kings of the era such as Grand Theft Auto III, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone granted PS1 and Windows players a captivating experience. They were able to solve puzzles, roam Hogwarts and pave the way for a series of other HP games that would follow. And follow they did. 

After a series of 11 video games, in the year 2023 Hogwarts Legacy emerged, sweeping the predecessors in terms of quality and innovation. And length. In order to successfully finish the first Harry Potter game you needed to spend a “whopping” 6 hours in front of your screen, and at that time you were probably happy to be able to play for that long as Harry. Imagine if someone told you that 20 years later you will be able to spend three non-stop days playing a Hogwarts-based video game. But you are also able to spend much (much) more if you wanted to. 

How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

It takes about 26 hours to finish the main quest, if your goal is to go from A to B without exploring the environment. The average player will most likely spend close to 35 hours to finish it, as it’s almost impossible not to get sidetracked by deciding to fly around or collect magical beasts. To reach a 100% completion rate, it will take you roughly 66 hours. Or 3 whole days, if you feel like going for a Red Bull induced marathon (please don’t). You can stretch the gameplay even longer if you decide to play it on the highest difficulty level.

Does that mean that in 66 hours you get to put away your joystick and call it a day? Nah ah. I’ve dedicated over a 100 hours to the game, and there is still loads to do.

How long is a day in Hogwarts Legacy?

One of the noticeable aspects that become apparent after playing for a few hours is the stark difference in duration between day and night. More precisely, the day lasts approximately 14 minutes, while the night extends for over twice as long, lasting 30 minutes. 

The significance of this lies in the lower graphics quality during the night phase. It becomes notably more challenging to spot clues or solve riddles when half of your screen is engulfed in darkness. The cool thing is, you can actually switch between day and night right from your menu, which comes in handy for completing those side quests that can only be done at certain times of the day.

Is Hogwarts Legacy replayable?

Is Hogwarts Legacy worth replaying? Absolutely. And if you decide to embark on another playthrough, you’re in for a special treat. Achieving 100% completion on your initial run is just the beginning. By playing the game three more times, selecting a different house each time, you can unlock the coveted Platinum trophy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to achieve 100% every time you replay, it’s enough to finish the Map Chamber mission. 

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Or just play it for the sake of enjoying the game once more, I know I did. 

Is Hogwarts Legacy big?

Not by a long shot. To put it in perspective, Elden Ring is considered a decent-sized RPG game, and its map is around 30 square miles. Elder Scrolls 2 is 62,394 square miles. Hogwarts Legacy is almost 3 square miles, the size of a village in Elder Scrolls (just kidding, but you get the jist). 

To be honest, you don’t really feel like you’re playing on such a small court. It’s easy to spend two hours just flying around and collecting materials to craft potions, or sharpening your skills by killing every enemy you encounter along your way. Yes, it would be great if we had the chance to walk into the Ministry of Magic or sneak around Diagon Alley, but exploring Hogwarts castle, Hogsmead and the beautiful Scottish Highlands are enough for now. 


Even though it’s not on par with the biggest open-world RPGs, Hogwarts Legacy is pretty adequate when it comes to playtime. When you consider they packed 30+ hours of main and side quests in a 3 square mile area, the ratio becomes even more impressive. Could it be longer? Sure. Is it enough for a first attempt at a Harry Potter-inspired open-world RPG? Yes, yes it is, no matter what the haters say. Try it out, we guarantee you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time.  


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