How Will The Walking Dead End? 5 Possible Outcomes

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The Walking Dead is currently enjoying the height of TV success. Awards, money, an army of fans. But despite the popularity of the show, many are already looking to its conclusion and asking the question, how will The Walking Dead end?

At FinalBoss, we’ve had some strong opinions on The Walking Dead. Whether it was an unwavering certainty that Abraham was going to get Negan’s bat, or asking the question, is The Walking Dead bad?

When it comes to how Walking Dead will end, things are no different.

So, how will The Walking Dead end?

It’s All a Dream

This is a popular — and almost universally hated — fan theory.

The idea is that Rick isn’t living in an undead hell at all, but simply imagining it in the midst of a coma dream he’s having after his injury at the start of season one.

The theory goes that’ll Rick will wake up in the hospital bed he started in, and everything will be fine. Well, not everything will be fine, Lori would still be alive, after all.

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It definitely is possible, just like it is possible that the universe was created by a flying spaghetti monster, but we’re going with a pretty loud, not gonna happen on this one.

Everyone Dies

The Walking Dead is famed for its realism.

It isn’t a romanticised version of a post-apocalyptic world, neither is it over-the-top with action and overwhelmingly brutal; most of the time. It’s a real slow burner, like life — sometimes to its detriment.

However, it’s entirely possible that realism will see the show end in a realistic way. In a world where death lives and bites at your ankles on a daily basis, and those left alive are getting increasingly bloodthirsty and adept at slaughtering other people, chances are Rick and the gang will eventually meet their maker.

The Walking Dead could end not with a triumph or a bittersweet note, but a bullet through Rick’s skull.

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It wouldn’t be satisfying, but it would definitely follow the theme of realism that the show so desperately clings to. You live by the sword, you die by the sword — or in this case, a Colt Python.

The Walkers Decay

Film Theory produced an awesome rundown of a possible Walking Dead ending. I’ll embed the video below, but here’s the short version:

Over time, the body wastes away. Whatever is keeping the walkers animated isn’t healing them or keeping the tissue alive, so they will eventually decay to nothing. Once there is no muscle tissue, there can be no movement. This isn’t voodoo, after all, skeletons won’t be chasing the survivors once the flesh has eroded.

We can see the progression of decay in The Walking Dead, the walkers have become increasingly soft, weak and killable. They are more like walking puddles of mush now than actual walking dead.

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Soon, their bodies will fail and they’ll pose no threat to anyone. While a few stragglers will remain, as not all walkers were made at the same time, most will disappear and therefore the threat of the undead host.

With no walkers to run from, it won’t really be The Walking Dead anymore, will it?

The Virus is Cured

Nobody really knows the origin of The Walking Dead disease, the creators were very deliberate in keeping us in the dark as the characters in the show. Although Fear the Walking Dead did give us some hints.

We do know that it is a virus, though, a virus that attacks the nervous system upon death, reanimating them and causing aggressive behaviour.

A virus can be cured.

While Eugene’s promise turned out to be as bogus as Glenn’s first death scene, we still might get our cure. We’ve only seen a handful of city locations, and it’s entirely plausible that some scientific institutions survived. Just as we saw in The Walking Dead season one.

If any labs are left, anywhere in the world, they’ll be working on nothing else.

As this is a virus, there is potential for a cure. What happens after is anyone’s guess, but a cure would create an excellent way of rounding off the series. Although this end may piss off fans, fans who don’t want to see a show like The Walking Dead finish in the same fashion as a Hollywood movie.

Life Just Keeps Going

Another realistic way is that the story could end is that it simply doesn’t. 

Life goes on for us all, even after loss, heartbreak and overcoming the odds. When you have a virus that turns people into the living dead, madmen living without rules, things aren’t ever going to be like they were before.

The Walking Dead could end on a hollow note. Character arcs get tied together, we get some sort of resolution, but the threat of attack from both dead and living still exists. Rick remains gruff and flippant in his character traits. Carl grows up and cuts his hair. Everything is the same but different.

This way, even after the lights go out on set, the story never really ends.

In answer to the question, how will The Walking Dead end? This is probably our favourite outcome. It is just so in keeping with the show, although no never-ending cliffhangers please, AMC.

How Will The Walking Dead End? Tell us Your Theory.

THG wants to know what you think.

When asked, how will The Walking Dead end? Creator Robert Kirkman said he sees it as being hopeful. A story of ‘humanity overcoming this insurmountable apocalyptic situation’.

Nobody knows when The Walking Dead will end. The producers are looking to season 12 and beyond already, so whatever your theory, you’ll be waiting a while to find out how The Walking Dead will end.

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