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James is THG’s technophobic TV nut, movie addict and theorist crackpot. He’ll be bringing you features, insights and incoherent ramblings on all your favourite and least favourite shows and movies.

Lord of the Rings Plot Holes: Maybe Don’t Think About It?

Without getting overly gushy, The Lord of the Rings is an undeniably exceptional trilogy of films.  The less said about The Hobbit the better, but...

5 Underrated Marvel Characters That Need a Movie

We’re obsessed with superheroes. Whether you’re a comic book fan or not, chances are you’ve seen a superhero movie. The total worldwide box office...

Star Wars: How to Survive the Imperial Empire

Thinking about joining the Imperial Empire? Read our Star Wars guide first

Baby Yoda Merch Giveaway: FinalBoss Launch Facebook Contest

The Mandalorian was a massive success. It still holds the crown for being the world’s most-streamed series of all time, dethroning Stranger Things to...

Is Baby Yoda the Yoda? Baby Yoda Timeline Explained

Since The Mandalorian was released in 2019 to Disney Plus subscribers, and an internet full of streamers and thieves - cough - many have...

Where Does Baby Yoda Come From? What Species is Yoda?

The Mandalorian crashed onto Disney+ in 2019, fast-becoming one of the most popular TV series of the year. There is a lot to like...

Best South Park Christmas Episodes

South Park is not a show that you associate with the same things as you associate with Christmas. Peace, love, warmth and acceptance, yet...

Best Simpsons Christmas Episodes

It’s Christmas time, and you know what that means? No, not carols and candy, The Simpsons! Launching with a pilot episode revolving around the holiday season,...

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