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Baby Yoda Merch Giveaway: FinalBoss Launch Facebook Contest

The Mandalorian was a massive success. It still holds the crown for being the world’s most-streamed series of all time, dethroning Stranger Things to claim sweet victory. 

There is a lot to enjoy about The Mandalorian. From the lush visuals to the darker themes, it brings something new to the Star Wars universe while still retaining that dirty, worn-down charm we love about the original trilogy. 

But while we can praise the great acting of Gina Carano and bask in the glory that is the return of the Jawas all day long, what people really tune in for week after week is – let’s face it – Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda stole the hearts of the world the moment he peered out over that egg-shaped cot of his. He’s quickly become one of the most iconic characters ever to grace the Star Wars canon, making more of a splash than any of the recent additions as part of the Disney takeover. BB-8 certainly got our attention, but nobody appears in more memes than Baby Yoda. 

To celebrate the rise to power of our new little overlord, and the impending end of The Mandalorian on Disney+ in the UK, FinalBoss are running a giveaway that gives fans a chance to win some of the best Baby Yoda gifts around.  

How to Enter the FinalBoss Baby Yoda Giveaway

The contest goes live Monday April 27th and will run for 2 weeks until May 11th. To enter, all you have to do is go to our Facebook page and locate the pinned post about the contest. Here, you can comment, telling us about your favourite piece of Baby Yoda merch currently on sale. You can grab inspiration from our Baby Yoda merch article linked above, or you can let us know something you’ve seen online elsewhere. 

When the contest ends, we will pick a comment at random from our followers, purchase whatever gift the commenter mentioned, and post it to the lucky winner. The only terms are that the maximum cost of the prize is £30 – around $36 USD. Entries are limited to followers in Europe and North America. We hope to open more competitions to global audiences soon. 

Likes, shares and tags of friends are appreciated and help us reach more people, but they are not mandatory for entry. That’s it. We’ll keep an eye on the pinned post and our social feeds, so be sure to send any questions our way!

Good luck… and may the force be with you.

James Speyer
James Speyer
James is THG’s technophobic TV nut, movie addict and theorist crackpot. He’ll be bringing you features, insights and incoherent ramblings on all your favourite and least favourite shows and movies.

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