Titanfall 2: 5 Tips To Dominate Titan Combat

With 65,000 daily active players and now being the highest rated FPS from this generation according to critic consensus over at Metacritic Titanfall 2 is certainly one to watch right now. With Titan combat being at the forefront of this balls-to-the-wall shooter us here at Final Boss figured we would give you our top tips to dominate in Titan vs. Titan combat.

1Don’t be afraid to leave your Titan

So many rookie players will call their Titan in, jump in and stay with it until the end. Admirable but ultimately you’re quite frankly a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.
A good pilot knows when to leave their Titan if the situation calls for it.
If you find yourself going up against a superior Titan with more health in an open field, the tactical move is to bail and work with your Titan to take down your enemy.
There are multiple uses for this tactic and it’s good to use the Advanced Ai Perk if you wish to use this as a regular go-to strategy. It’ll greatly improve your auto Titans combat effectiveness and seamlessly give your Titan buddy it’s own personality friend, I mean guy… Pilot.

Take this clip below I found myself in an unfavourable situation, with Scorch not being strong at range and with movement speeds rivalling Jabba The Hutt, it looked like a no-win situation. But still, see how I bested Tone mid-range and his pilot.

Sometimes the best move is taking a step back and assessing the battlefield.

2Choose a Titan that best fits your play style

When Titanfall 2 first launched 75% of Titans one would come up against would be Ronin, just because he has a sword and he looks cooler than He-Man swinging it, does not make him the best choice. Countless time I have witnessed Ronin taken down in mere moments against the more experienced players lets not forget that Ronin has the lowest health next to Northstar. Consider your play style as a pilot, do you rush in all guns blazing, play it cool and collected or snipe from afar?

Your play style will directly impact your combat effectiveness with your Titan, always consider the game mode and what balance of Pilot/Titan combat will serve you best.
This could be anything from using a heavy Titan as a decoy to capture a flag or hold a hard point or rush the battlefield with Northstar covering you from afar.

Titans are after all war machines on the battlefield and will bring hell with them. They can be both a pilot’s best friend and worst enemy when caught out in the open. Plan accordingly, pilot.

3Game Modes and Maps

Different game modes absolutely warrant different Titan setups; the same can be said for the map you are fighting on. Knowing the game modes and what maps are commonly in cycle are a must to go into combat with the advantage.
For example, take Homestead, its long open planes are perfect for a Titan with mid-long range weaponry or even consider speed to traverse the terrain quickly. It may make the difference in giving you the needed tactical advantage.

Consider having at least two Titan load outs each time you go into battle, and this could be a Titan you prefer playing with and one that would give the tactical advantage on your chosen game mode or map.
You can, of course, customise your load outs on the fly in battle, but those precious moments you waste in the menus could be the difference between victory and defeat, play smart.

4Situational Awareness is Crucial

5Titanfall 2: The Hateful Eight Six


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