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Westworld Theory: This Major Character Isn’t Dead

This Westworld theory contains spoilers from the season finale.  Westworld ended with a bang. Quite literally. Dolores put a bullet through Robert Ford’s head. It was...

Xbox One S: Unboxing & Review

Having been an early adopter of the original Xbox One that came bundled with the now-defunct Kinect 2.0, I experienced first hand the many...

South Park Season 20: Cartman’s Master Plan?

Have you noticed something strange going on in South Park season 20? No I don’t mean the Danish troll hunters or Dildo Swaggins, I mean...

Titanfall 2: 5 Tips To Dominate Titan Combat

With 65,000 daily active players and now being the highest rated FPS from this generation according to critic consensus over at Metacritic Titanfall 2 is...

Apple Pencil vs Surface Pro Pen 4: Which is best?

Apple or Microsoft? No, you can't have both. A few years ago when Microsoft revealed a shiny new pen, Apple jumped on the bandwagon just...

Is The Walking Dead Bad? Discover Its 4 Major Flaws

I love The Walking Dead, or do I? Before we get into this, I want to put across a disclaimer: This is...

Gears of War 4: Limited Edition Xbox One S – Unboxing

Previously I did an unboxing of the now unavailable White Xbox One S. So this Unboxing will be more straightforward and to the point in...

Gears of War: Top Five Unforgettable Moments

Gears of War 4 is out, and the heads are poppin’ The game has already picked up a pretty positive reception and we at THG...

5 Reasons to Get Hooked on Stranger Things

A spoiler-free rundown of why Stranger Things has got to be your next binge watch

How To Survive: A Disney Movie

Disney movies are happy places full of love and laughter, right? Wrong!

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