The Top 5 Gaming Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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It’s no secret that the gaming industry is constantly evolving. What was popular yesterday may be completely out of fashion tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important for gamers and game developers to stay on top of the latest trends!So, what can we expect in the coming year? Here are the top 5 gaming industry trends to watch out for in 2023:


Blockchain-based gaming isn’t new. Far from it – there are papers from 2019 that describe how the technology can assist gamers.

The most common way to see blockchain technology utilized in a game is directly as a “classical” NFT or similar model. This can allow players to earn while they play, as they can gather virtual assets that they can claim exclusive ownership of. This then allows them to sell them on primary or secondary markets, providing the potential for them to earn money for playing the game.

For gamers, this means that blockchain-based games can reward them outside their game for progress within it– making games with this technology quite attractive. However, blockchain can also be used in different forms. For example, Minecraft’s chat reporting system that was introduced in July 2022 used blockchain technology to enable the function. Game devs may wish to continue investigating blockchain tech due to its ability to link multiple events within the game, as well as providing the ability to create better play-to-earn games (which will in turn draw additional players).

Blockchain continues to promise a lot of potential in the gaming market, and this trend is expected to continue into 2023!

5G network

The advent of widespread 5G networks is a game-changer for internet connected games, particularly those on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

This is for two main reasons. 

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The first is that larger games now take much less time to download due to the improved speeds of 5G technology over earlier 4G and 3G networks. This means that developers will be able to market more complex and larger games without causing unnecessary inconvenience to their users.

The second is that the 5G network allows for lower latency in game connections. This allows for a much more enjoyable user experience, particularly in situations where a lot of data must be communicated across the internet at once.

Examples include mobile versions of first person shooters, or other games with a large number of moving parts that are typically played online. Gamers will want to be looking at how they can utilize 5G networks in their gaming, especially as the technology becomes available in more and more places worldwide.

This may mean upgrading gear or potentially switching internet providers to get access to the 5G network,  as not all mobile devices support 5G.

Wearable Gaming

Although the most common thing that gamers know about in terms of wearable accessories are VR headsets (which we’ll touch on later in this article), there is actually a whole wealth of other wearable tech out there.

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With more and more people looking for a more immersive gameplay experience, wearable technology is really taking off. Advancements such as the HoloSuit are a great example of what can be possible with this technology.

Although there are few current pieces of tech that work to the same extent as the HoloSuit, the market is certainly there for a more immersive game experience. As a result, game devs might want to look at how they can push the boundaries of technology to create a more immersive and responsive gameplay experience using wearable tech.

Gamers might also want to start putting aside a bit of money, in case an example of this technology makes it to the mainstream marketplace in 2023!

Cross-Platform Gaming

With the huge variety of gaming platforms available today, cross-platform gaming is more interesting than ever before.

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Allowing players to jump into the same match as their friends regardless of whether or not they are on a console, mobile, or PC is a great way to increase the market of a game and provide a more enjoyable experience. If you look at some of the biggest names in gaming, they also show a remarkable ability to be played cross-platform.

With Elden Ring winning the Game of the Year award this year while being cross-platform, it’s clear that this is a very marketable aspect! Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition also allows crossplay between Windows PC and Xbox, while Fortnite offers crossplay between Windows PC, many consoles, and mobile. Although these games have many other things going for them, crossplay remains a big part of their success as it opens up a very wide market.

As a game dev, adding crossplay compatibility to your games will definitely open up more of the gaming market as well.

Use of AR/VR

Blockchain game Play-to-earn
Cloud playing with his VR in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is probably something we’ve all heard about by now. Whether you admire it or not, it can’t be denied that using AR and VR in this manner represents a huge step forward in terms of opportunities for the use of this technology in games.

More and more games are coming into the Steam marketplace with VR or AR compatibility, with 4506 listed as of December 2022. The technology remains incredibly exciting, and with the price of headsets not increasing much over the years since 2017, 2023 is looking to be another bumper year for VR and AR games.

As a game developer it may be worth considering whether a VR or AR compatibility option is worthwhile for your games, as implementing it can potentially give you access to a much wider market of gamers. As a gamer, you might want to consider investing in a VR headset, as these remain in high use and show no signs of stopping (except phone VR headsets).

In addition to this, older models can sometimes be picked up for cheaper prices while still being compatible with new games. As such, it might be a good time to take the leap and get into the field now!

In Conclusion

Gaming is a huge industry worldwide, and promises to continue that way into 2023. With so many technological advancements in the works, it’s almost overwhelming to think about how far we’ll go in the next year.

Throughout this article, we’ve covered 5 of the biggest trends in gaming that will be continuing or erupting in 2023.

Game devs and gamers alike will want to keep an eye on these developments to make sure they get the very best experience out of their games next year!


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