How To Beat Glaseado Gym leader Grusha In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Are you worried that getting your Ice Badge won’t be chill? Scared that there’s s-no-w way you’ll win?

That’s why we’re here!

Whether this is your last badge or one of your first, this guide will help you kick Gym Leader Grusha right in the Pokéballs.

Nothing says gym challenge like catching altitude sickness.

Where Is the Eighth Gym in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there is no set order for the gyms, so the eighth gym is wherever you get your eighth badge. That being said, if you want to go in a logical order based on the level of the gym’s Pokémon, Glaseado Gym makes the most sense as the eighth gym.

This gym has the highest level range for its Pokémon out of all the others. It has Pokémon from level 47 to 48, so it’s the perfect place to go if you just defeated Tulip in Alfornada and Ryme in Montenevera.

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Speaking of Montenevera, Glaseado is really close to it. It’s directly to the south. Check your map to see if you already passed through it, so you can just use fly to get there instead of having to travel on your mount.

Before Going to the Glaseado Gym

Despite being the last gym most players will likely go to, there are no surprise encounters with Nemona nor are there any weird story events. All you need to do is defeat Gym Leader Grusha – there are not even any other trainers!

Grusha’s team will have two pure Ice-types (Beartic and Cetitan), an Ice/Bug dual-type (Frosmoth), and a Dragon/Flying dual-type (Altaria) that terastallizes into a monotype Ice Pokémon.

The Beartic, Cetitan, and Altaria all have the same strengths and weaknesses. Defensively, they can only resist Ice-type attacks, and they’re weak against Fighting-, Rock-, Steel-, and Fire-type moves. In terms of offense, Ice-type moves are super effective against Dragon-, Flying-, Ground-, and Grass-type Pokémon while being not very effective against Fire-, Ice-, Steel-, and Water-types.

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The Frosmoth is weak against Flying-, Rock-, Steel-, and Fire-type moves while resisting Ground-, Grass-, and Ice-type ones.

These type matchups give you a lot of potential Pokémon to work with, and if you picked the Fire-type starter at the beginning of your journey, you can easily one-shot your way through most of these fights.

Take at least three Pokémon that can melt these Ice-type foes and are in the level range of the gym or higher.

Shred some fresh powder, brah.

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Glaseado Gym Test: Take on the Snow Slope Run

If you’re tired of Gym Tests that take a long time or involve fighting your rival, you can take it easy here. All you need to do is a short slalom race against the clock on your Koraidon or Miraidon downslope on this icy mountain.

To start the test, simply talk to the person behind the desk in the gym, then head up to the top of the slope. Go all the way down while going in between the flags, and you’ll win once you eventually hit the bottom. No trainer fights, no difficult tasks, just racing.

After you finish this test, you’ll fight Grusha.

That’s not a scarf. It’s a beautifully color coordinated face growth.

Gym Leader Grusha, the Sub-Zero Shredder

Once a professional snowboarder, Gym Leader Grusha is the only trainer you’ll fight at the Glaseado Gym. He has four Pokémon, making this one of the quickest gyms in the entire game. If you picked the right matchups to fight his Ice-type team, this fight should be over in just a few minutes.

The first Pokémon he sends out is a level 47 Frosmoth, the dual Bug- and Ice-type. If you use a strong Fire-type attack or anything else it’s weak to, it should go down in one hit.

Ice to meet you, Beartic.

Up next, he sends out a level 47 Beartic, a pure Ice-type. Follow the same strategy, and you can take this big bear down quickly.

His third Pokémon is a level 47 Cetitan, another pure Ice-type. Cetitan is a bit tankier than the other Pokémon you’ve fought so far. It knows the Water-type move Liquidation.

His fourth and final Pokémon is a level 48 dual Dragon- and Flying-type Altaria, which terastallizes into a pure Ice-type. It knows the Ice-type move Ice Beam and the Dragon-type move Dragon Rage.

Rumor has it, he beat his snowboarding competition by sabotaging them with this TM. 

Once you’ve finished off all four of his Pokés, Grusha will award you with the Ice Badge. If this is your eighth badge, you can catch and command Pokémon of any level. You’ll also receive TM124 Ice Spinner.

Great job! If this was your eighth gym, you’re ready for the Elite Four. If you haven’t completed all of the other gym challenges, be sure to check out our other guides, like the ones for Levincia and Medali. You can also check out our review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


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