Defeat Montenevera Gym Leader Ryme in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you about to tackle the Ghost Badge in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Want to know the best tips and tricks for Montenevera Gym Leader?

Don’t let these Ghost-types scare you! This gym is easy if you follow our advice and bring the right team with you.

I hope they have some heat inside this gym.

Where Is the Sixth Gym (Gym Leader Ryme) in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

As stated in our other guides, one of the cool features of Violet and Scarlet is being able to do the gyms in almost any order. However, the recommended sixth gym is the one in Montenevera, because it works out best in terms of Pokémon levels.

The level range of the Pokémon at the Montenevera Gym is between level 40 to level 42. If you defeated Gym Leader Larry at the Medali Gym right before this, you should be in just about the right level range already.

If you’re not at the right level yet, just try to fight some wild Pokémon and trainers in the areas outside of Montenevera. If you search enough, you should be able to find a Sneasel while doing so, which will help you greatly in your fight against Gym Leader Ryme.

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Before Going to the Montenevera Gym Leader

There are two keys to success in Pokémon: knowing your type matchups or being so insanely overleveled that matchup doesn’t matter anymore. 

Unless you want to spend twenty hours grinding to hit level 99 before actually having fun with the game, I recommend you go with strategy number one.

Montenevera is one of the easier gyms if you bring the right team. It’s also one of the most fun because its focus is on double battles.

What are double battles? They’re what they sound like: teams of two Pokémon vs another two Pokémon.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

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This means you can’t rely on just one Pokémon to solo your opponents. You’ll need at least two Pokémon of the right type and level with strong moves to succeed here.

You’ll be facing a few dual-types, so the matchups aren’t quite as straightforward as they usually are. Luckily, this won’t matter as much since you’ll have two Pokémon out at once for double battles.

Your opponents will have five pure Ghost-types, one Ghost/Poison-type, one Ghost/Flying-type, one Dark/Ghost-type, and one Electric/Poison-type that has a Ghost Tera-type, making it a pure Ghost-type.

For the pure types, you’ll want to be aware of their matchups. Ghost-types are honestly a little weird. They are immune to Normal-type and Fighting-type moves while only Normal-type Pokémon are immune to Ghost-type moves.

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Their moves are super effective against Psychic- and other Ghost-types while being not very effective against Dark-types.

In terms of defense, they’re resistant to Bug- and Poison-type moves while being weak against Dark- and Ghost-type moves.

The dual-type matchups will be listed a little further in the guide.

Your best bet for your team for this gym is to have one or two of either Dark- or Ghost-types. I recommend Dark-types most of all as their moves are both super effective against Ghost-types and they’re resistant to Ghost-type moves themselves.

When you face the Dark/Ghost dual-type, you’ll need to change your strategy, you’ll want to use Fairy-type moves, but this isn’t as important to your overall gym strategy.

Montenevera Gym Leader, Ryme
It’s time to become the world’s best hype man/woman!

Montenevera Gym Test: Warm Up the Audience for Ryme’s Concert

The Montenevera Gym Leader, Ryme, is both a Pokémon trainer and a rapper. Before she faces an opponent, they have to warm up the audience by having double battles on stage against the other trainers at the gym. This means you’ll have to face a gauntlet of three other trainers in front of a big crowd! At least you won’t have to freestyle rap.

Montenevera Gym Leader, Ryme
I can smell this dude through the game screen.

To start the gym test, enter the gym and talk to the person at the desk. Register for the test, leave the gym, then walk to the stage right beside it. You should see a guy dressed in a tank top, jeans, and a hat with long hair named MC Sledge. Speak to him to begin.

Your first opponent will be the tiny Gym Trainer Tas. She’ll send out a level 40 Greavard and a level 40 Shuppet who knows Role Play. Both are pure Ghost-types, meaning you can easily knock them out in one hit each with Ghost- or Dark-type moves.

Next up, you’ll go against Gym Trainer Lani who sends out a level 40 Misdreavus and a level 40 Haunter. Misdreavus is pure Ghost-type, but Haunter is dual-type Ghost/Poison.

Luckily, Haunter has the normal Ghost-type weaknesses plus a weakness to Psychic-type moves, so just stick to the same strategy to knock these out in one or two hits.

Montenevera Gym Leader, Ryme
Rumor has it that this crowd is made up of ghosts, too.

Your third double battle foe is Gym Trainer MC Sledge, the man you talked to to start the gym test. This is where things get a little spooky – he sends out two dual-types! 

He has a level 40 Drifblim, a Ghost/Flying-type, who is resistant to Grass-, Bug-, and Poison-type moves while being weak to Rock-, Ghost-, Electric-, Ice-, and Dark-type moves. It’ll use Self-Destruct, so make sure you’re prepared to take some damage.

He also has a Sableye, the Dark/Ghost type mentioned before, who is only weak to Fairy-type moves and resistant to Poison-types while being immune to Normal-, Fighting-, and Psychic-type moves. It knows Mean Look.

Hit the Drifblim with any moves that it’s weak to and knock out Sableye with a Fairy-type move.

After defeating MC Sledge, you can heal your Pokémon, go back to the gym, and let the person at the desk know you’re ready to face Gym Leader Ryme.

Montenevera Gym Leader, Ryme
There’s no one tougher than someone who raps about Pokémon.

Gym Leader Ryme, the MC of RIP

If you enjoyed the double battle mechanic from the gym test, you’re in luck! If you hated it, too bad. You’ll have to fight Ryme’s team two at a time in another set of double battles.

She has a team of four Pokémon, making it a little bit tougher than any of the battles you did during the test. Don’t be afraid to swap Pokémon out or use any potions if you feel it’s necessary to keep your team alive.

As you defeat each team member, she’ll send out the next Pokémon on her squad. Just keep fighting them as they come until you finish the last one and get your badge.

The first two Pokémon she sends out are a level 41 Mimikyu and a level 41 Banette. After knocking out one of them, she’ll send out a level 41 Houndstone. If you knock out two, she’ll send out a level 42 Toxtricity that terastallizes into a Ghost-type.

Mimikyu is a dual-type mix of Fairy and Ghost. It’s immune to Normal-, Fighting-, and Dragon-type moves. It’s weak to Ghost- and Steel-type moves only while resisting Bug-type moves. It has the Disguise ability and knows the Dark-type move Slash, a heavy damage dealing move, so make sure you pick the right Pokémon to send out first.

What a silly, silly hat.

Banette, Houndstone, and the terastallized Toxtricity are all pure Ghost-types, so be sure to keep using your Ghost- or Dark-type move strategy against them. Banette knows the Ghost-type move Shadow Sneak. Houndstone the Ghost-type move Phantom Force. Toxtricity likely knows Ghost-, Electric-, and Poison-type moves, but it’s rather fragile, so you can knock it out in one hit if you focus it with your strongest moves.

If we hurl a “shadowy blob”, shouldn’t it be called Shadow Blob?

Once you’ve knocked out all four Pokémon on her team, MC Ryme will award you with the Ghost Badge. If this is your sixth badge, you’ll be able to catch and command Pokémon up to level 50. She’ll also give you TM114 Shadow Ball.

Way to knock that punk MC out! Now that you have your Ghost Badge, you’re going to want to head way, way down southwest to fight Gym Leader Tulip at the Alfornada Gym. If you haven’t beaten any of the previous gyms, like Cascarrafa, be sure to check out our guides for them. While you’re at it, check out my Pokémon Scarlet and Violet review!


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