Defeat Levincia Gym Leader Iono in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: A Complete Strategy Guide

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Are you ready to get your Electric Badge in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? This guide focuses on Levincia gym leader Iono and offers tips on how to beat her to get your Electric Badge.

Not sure which Pokémon to use on your team?

This Levincia Gym guide will give you all the information you need to dominate your opponents and get that badge easily.

Where is the Third Gym in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

While you can do the gyms in nearly any order, most trainers will head over to Levincia to take on gym leader Iono for the Electric Badge third because it is the gym with the third lowest leveled Pokémon. The range of levels here is between 21-24, so it’s perfect to tackle if you’ve just gotten the Grass Badge at the Artazon Gym.

Levincia is a city in the eastern part of the map. The gym is located near Picnic-Knacks on the top part of the southern section of town.

You can still take on Iono whether or not you’ve finished Artazon or done any other gyms in a different order, don’t worry. Just make sure you have the right team in the right level range to take advantage of Electric-types’ weaknesses.

Preparing for Levincia Gym Leader Iono: What You Need to Know

Facing Levincia gym leader Iono requires a sound strategy, given her Electric-type Pokémon team.

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You’re going to need to have a few Pokémon that are level 21+ or higher. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right types for the matchup against Iono and her gym trainers as well as an initial match against your rival, Nemona. 

Gym Leader Iono
He may look cute, but he could easily electrocute you to death.

For Nemona

Your rival will have a team of three Pokémon: a Rock-type, an Electric-type, and her choice from the starters. 

First up is a pure Rock-type that is resistant against Normal-, Flying-, Poison-, and Fire-types while being weak to Fighting-, Ground-, Steel-, Water-, and Grass-type moves. Rock-type moves are super effective against Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, and Ice-types while being not very effective against Fighting-, Ground-, and Steel-types.

Next, you’ll fight a pure Electric-type that is weak against Ground-type moves and resistant to Electric-, Steel-, and Flying-type moves. Electric-type moves themselves are super effective against Flying- and Water-types while being not very effective against Dragon-, Electric-, and Grass-types.

Lastly, she’ll have the second form of the starter Pokémon she chose with you when you first started the game. It’ll either be a Grass-type, Fire-type, or Water-type depending on what you picked. Since it’s weak to the type you picked as your starter, simply fight against it using your starter.

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For the Gym Trainers and Iono, the Gym Leader

For the gym itself, you’ll face off against two gym trainers and the gym leader.

The gym trainers will be using three pure Electric-types. Check the Nemona section above for their strengths and weaknesses.

For Iono, the gym leader, you’ll be going against three pure Electric-types and one dual Electric- and Flying-type. 

For the dual type, the Electric/Flying mix is weak to Ice- and Rock-type moves. It’s resistant to Fighting-, Flying-, Bug-, Steel-, and Grass-type moves. It’s immune to Ground-types, so keep this in mind as using Ground-types is the main strategy against pure Electric-types.

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See the gym fight section for a more detailed strategy.

Gym Leader Iono

What a handsome little bipedal grass cat.

Fighting Against Nemona

When you first arrive at the gym, Nemona will be waiting for you as usual. She’ll challenge you to a match like a good Pokémon rival should.

Who you picked as a starter will define who Nemona sends out for her starter, but the rest of the Pokémon on her team should be the same.

She has a level 21 Rockruff, a pure Rock-type. You can easily one-shot it with a strong Pokémon that’s got a type advantage, like a Fighting-type or Ground-type. A Ground-type would be best as you’ll want one for your fight against Iono, but if you don’t have any, just try to use a Pokémon that at least has moves with these types.

Up next, you’ll face a level 21 Pawmi. This is a great preview for what you’ll face in the actual gym battle because Pawmi’s a pure Electric-type. 

Keep using your Ground-type or at least Ground-type moves, and you can easily one-shot Pawmi as it’s rather weak compared to its evolutions. Just be sure to avoid using Water- and Flying-types in this battle.

Her last Pokémon is the second form of the starter as mentioned above. Just use your starter, and if it’s near the same level or higher, you should be able to take it down quickly.

After defeating Nemona’s team, she’ll give you 3 full heals to use against your upcoming gym challenge. Make sure your Pokémon are all healed up, then talk to the person at the reception desk to start the gym test.

Gym Leader Iono
Where in the world is Mr. Walksabout?

Levincia Gym Test: Find Mr. Walksabout!

After starting the gym test, you’ll be introduced to Iono. To say she has a lot of personality is to put it lightly. She’s the Pokémon universe’s take on Twitch streamers (or the Japanese equivalent). Before facing her, you have to help her gain some views by playing a game involving finding your academy director, Clavell a.k.a. Mr. Walksabout.

This challenge is rather easy. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo. You’ll be shown a location, then you’ll have to find and select him. In between rounds of hunting for Mr. Walksabout, you’ll have to fight a trainer.

Gym Leader Iono
Gym Leader Iono

Oh dear indeed.

For the first location, you can find him on the right-hand side at one of the little cafe tables.

Now that you’ve found him in his first location, you’ll have to fight against Gym Trainer Marti’s level 22 Luxio, a pure Electric-type. Use the type advantages mentioned earlier as much as possible, and you should be able to one- or two-shot this Pokémon before moving to the next part of the challenge.

Gym Leader Iono
Gym Leader Iono
Nurse Joy sure looks different these days.

Mr. Walksabout’s second location is on the left side of the screen in the Pokémon center/Pokémart kiosk.

Your next battle is against Gym Trainer Michael. He’s got a level 22 Tynamo, another pure Electric-type. Tynamo should go down even easier than Luxio if you’re using the right moves.

After Tynamo, Michael sends out a level 22 Flaafy, another pure Electric-type. This Flaafy knows Take Down. Do your best to take it down before it can get a hit in. After you defeat it, you’ll get to the last section before the battle with Iono herself.

Gym Leader Iono
Gym Leader Iono
More like admiral-ly done. Because boats. Get it?

Mr. Walksabout’s third and final location is towards the right on a small boat. Select him and bam! Congrats! You won the Levincia Gym Test!

Make sure your Pokémon are all healed up. Your first battle will be against a dual Flying- and Electric-type, so instead of starting with a Ground-type, you’ll want to pick either a Rock-type, Ice-type, or a Pokémon that knows these kinds of moves.

Set the order of your team then prepare to fight against…

Gym Leader Iono
How heavy do you think her headwear is?

Iono, the Supercharged Streamer

Did you ever imagine you’d be fighting a Pokémon battle on an in-universe stream? You’ll be doing just that when fighting against Iono, the Electric-type gym leader.

This battle is going to be very similar to the fights you had against the gym trainers during the test for the most part, except she’ll have slightly higher levels and her last Pokémon is a Ghost-type that’s been Terastallized to an Electric-type.

First up from her team, you’ll go against a level 23 Wattrel, a dual Flying- and Electric-type, that knows Pluck. Check the type matchup section at the top in case you forgot its strengths and weaknesses. Wattrel goes down quickly if you know which moves to use.

After defeating her first partner, you’ll be facing a level 23 Luxio. It knows Bite and some Electric-type moves. Make quick work of it by following the same strategy as the Luxio from earlier on.

Gym Leader Iono
Round and floaty vs. round and grounded.

Up next, you’ll face a tanky level 23 Bellibolt, a pure Electric-type. This is one of the trickier fights in the entire battle against Iono because Bellibolt is both tanky and has the Electromorphosis ability that strengthens its Electric-type moves any time you hit it with your moves.

The normal strategy here is to use a Ground-type, but Bellibolt complicates things by knowing the Water-type move Water Gun which means it has a counter to Ground-types as they’re weak to Water-type moves. Try to pick something that’s got a lot of HP and knows Ground-type moves, but isn’t necessarily a Ground-type itself.

Your next and final opponent is a level 24 Mismagius, a pure Ghost-type, who Terastallizes to an Electric-type. This means its defensive attributes will be the same as a pure Electric-type. It knows Charge Beam, Confuse Ray, and Hex. It’s surprisingly easy to defeat compared to Bellibolt, though, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to defeat.

Gym Leader Iono
Now you can use Volt Switch on your Nintendo Switch.

After finishing the fight, you’ll be given the Electric Badge and be allowed to catch and command Pokémon level 35+. You’ll also receive Electric-type move TM 048 Volt Switch.

With this guide, you should be well-prepared to claim victory over Levincia gym leader Iono and earn your Electric Badge.

Now that you’re in possession of the Electric Badge, you can either work on Operation Starfall missions, take down a Titan Pokémon, or head to the next gym. It’s recommended by most players to head to Cascarrafa to get the Water Badge next, but you can always go back to the Cortondo Gym if you haven’t gotten the Bug Badge yet. Don’t forget to check out my review of Scarlet and Violet.

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